Thursday, December 30, 2010

ageless old friend....

time has come to bid goodbye
as year end closing in
worn out clouds would part
a new dawn is awaiting

clock is ticking
to end this decade
till the last 12 strokes
of final hours,anxious wait

time,ageless old friend
teaches through laughs n pains
time withholding integrity 
overwhelms life's frames

old times that got over
some good,some bad
wish you all a new era
grow,prosper and be glad

Prompt: Time/New Year

PS: Due to time constraint got less time to work on this...On a request of a fellow blogger.
My new year wishes for you all.
please share your suggestions and feedback, if you think it lacks somewhere in appeal.

Monday, December 27, 2010

fragile sensuality....

art redefined,beauty unexplained
color and canvass,portrayal of dame
for some sensuality of love
for some whispering of shame

beauty lies in spirit,
acquiescence of blame
artwork of almighty,
sensuous luscious frame

voluptuous art,on oil and canvas
curvaceous beauty of fragile lovely lass
not meant for touching,perceive and admire
for feelings may stain,touch may break the glass

PROMPT: the picture above...Credit Yahoo Images..


Monday, December 20, 2010

unparalleled love....unparalleled pain....

like two sides of a river,
parallel running rails,
never meeting ends of sea,
we walked on never meeting trails

parallel worlds that exist together
of gods and humans, perfections and imperfections
two sides of a coin, assurances and hesitations
we couldn't be together amongst acceptances and rejections

we started together but travelled aloof
we held our hands ,it wasn't adorned
my soliloquy ,you engrossed in other thoughts
meeting of eyes could only see barren roads

rekindling the dead,revive to die again
reunite distant souls,stench of lingering pain
intertwined fingers,choking breath
grandeur of our love,now overwhelming bane

Thursday, December 16, 2010

my only love letter....

the only love letter i ever got
was full of apologies when you left

forget and forgive,we couldn't be together
not even a look,to leave bereft

a sorry,and all's done
you certainly did make standards of love,heft....

PROMPT: the picture above

Monday, December 13, 2010

heart,emotions n soul....

heart is glass
shatters at betrayal
emotions are ice
meltdown at disapproval
soul is silver
bows down dismal..
everything's lost
pains,misery abysmal....

PS: wrote this for a contest, the prompt was"GLASS,ICE n SILVER..."

love thy people,love thy God....

Open eyes ,open hands
a divine thought,no pretence
a cover from world,but none from god
a chance to purify,the souls flawed

love is what we seek,love is what we teach
love thy god,essence of every preach
i am here again, praying at your feet
i seek forgiveness,pardon my ill deeds

i wish thou supreme ,
endow me with strength to forgive
lend me helping hand ,
make this world a better place to live

one's guiding light....

an overwhelming heart
when can't contain
the water laden clouds
brings down the rain

when it rains
purifies skies
tears, let go inhibitions,prejudices
clearing shades from the eyes

just as rain
tears infuse,a new life
strengthen the heart
lose the burden, no despise

streams filled with life
greener pastures on this side
welcomes new dawn
new day of joyous pride

overcast is gone
sun shines bright
tears, frees from pain
One's guiding light....

view purview...

dawn over the smiling clouds
valley shrouded in dew
calls of birds ,nature rhyme
listened by few

pious morning,enthralling day
sparkling drops of dew
washed away night's dismay
painted skies blue

shrouded in mystery ,nature's mood
enshrined in green hue
a new day,a fresh start
walk to imbue the view

sky is the limit,limitless world
the end is not in view
take horizon in your stride
get engaged in your purview...

rising,above the skies

under shadow of sun
wrapping blanket of sky
smiling through easterlies
loving through bright blue eyes

forgetting miseries
falling of the lies
rekindle the joy
revoke the God inside....

songs of blue jays
tears of joy,trickling rain
no more subdued,soul of heart
heart of soul in smiling pain

poet of the fall
on advent of spring
the fallen poet
rose above to sing...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

let's be strangers again....

is it possible
to be strangers again
just as new to each other
forget all , no one to blame

let's be strangers again
let's meet with no pain
no remorse or prejudice
no broken hearts looming disdain

introduction which became
unhealing wound
relation which ended
in a broken soul
lets meet,leave all this
on a sweet note

let's be strangers again
neither i expect a favour for my heart
nor you should look at me with love
nor we should meet to end in a painful depart

let's be strangers again
let's forget all that has happened
for once it was something beautiful
lets honour that,let's be strangers again....

Monday, November 29, 2010

a friend forever....

sitting beside
my best friend sees
memories come and go
like sunlight among leaves

it all started
when i was a kid
playing in the sun
like a little brid

in the backyard
found black shiny seed
buried it in the sand
and forgot the deed

as rains poured
couldn't go out
on a clear sunny day
saw lovely green sprout

i loved it
it was my treasure
seeing its growing
gave a unique pleasure

it started to grow
alonwith me
from a kid to adolescence
now i was free

sat near it for hours
confide in it my fears
shared my laughs
showed my tears

hanging with branches
messing around
sitting in shade
reading on ground

as time slipped fast
i stepped in youth
i found my love
slowly edged my favourite booth

but it didn't complain
stood high on the ground
shared my moments
whenever i was around

slowly i got busy
in worldly chores
married and had kids
no time to explore

seasons changed
autumns and springs
it roared with the thunders
sang with winds

we both are old now
as differences crop around
no one talks or shares
to home we are confound

humans are such assets
become liability in course of time
but he remained an asset
as a prized prime

left alone in my last days
as everyone moved to a bright new place

but how can i leave
my friend alone
who still talks to me
when i am prone

heaven's rainbow,in life's eve
in my last moments,it heaved a deep sigh
showered me with flowers
as i leave to distant skies

tryst of destiny....

i was a kid ,got hurt in a play
bruised all over,cried all the way
so i thought it,my life's worst day

then in school, in my teenage
got bullied and ragged,thrown on the edge
scared everyday,so thought of those life's worst days

in my college, i failed a sem
the result was out,it was a shame
couldn't see my friends in the eye
thought of it as another bad day in life

However,everything changed
when i met you around
love at first sight
feelings profound
we had our share of love and fights
days that were great and some lonely nights
till the day of apocalypse
final judgement was drawn
i was no more your love inborn
you left me alone,felling into abyss
darkness and fear, cries and shrieks

i broke into thousand pieces
rolled down like mercury
couldn't take a shape again
hurled down in scurry

still that wasn't the worst day of my life
moment you turned me down,my life ceased to exist
i am still waiting,each breath is paying price
into the darkness,a destiny's tryst

Monday, November 15, 2010

course of life....

the high tides
sent on errand
sand of time
has silted land

lonely shales
barren shoal
open hands
empty soul

river bends
entered lives
every corner
cut stream rife

serene life
calmness cripples
a fallen straw
creates ripples

white waters
entered my love
fell like a fall
drowned feelings
with no chance to evolve

memories haunt
but friends preserve
a hand on shoulder
atleast i deserve

Saturday, October 23, 2010

drawn out of pack of life....

here i am, bowed down
standing in dark,like a clown

how i fell down from grace
slowly turned to jack, from being ace

how you played me
the bluff of love game
and i kept losing
for sake of its name

thought i owned you
left myself in your hands
you played me at your will
lost at every chance

like a true player
you showed no mercy
the bets kept drawing
adding to my misery

you shuffled my feelings
a show of my faces
you shared my moments
fallen all over places

now you're my master
master of my fate
i lost being a jack
you played like an ace

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

mirror ,mirror...

mirror doesn't lie
it unfolds the truth
it laughs with you
cries too when you cry
it responds to all your emotions
isn't that a reason
people want it
at their attention
which look straight
into your face
show you
what you look like
doesn't hide
the true divide
the real you
make faces in front of it
it smiles with you
gets angry with you
a true companion
no matter what you do
how you stop !!??
when you encounter
a mirror on the way
divulges your thoughts
you look at yourself
caress and move forward
but is that
what we need from world
to show us
what we want to see

no its not like that
it doesn't give it a reason
to be with you always
you want someone who reciprocates
who relies on your lies
cares for your cries
cheers up with your smiles
mirror can see
bright outside
not chided inside
go get out
of that cloak
put your real face
be bold
don't feel ashamed
at your face
mirror on the wall
lies with grace
see your image
in someone else's eyes
then you'll find
your true inside
an insight in your life
show yourself,don't hide
love the way you are
because then only
you can love others

Saturday, October 2, 2010

story of night...

did you hear the silence,
shrieks and cries
like a moth tries
embraces the flame and dies

the distant dream
distinct faces
lost in those skies
underlined traces

divinity defined
refined graces
inseparable insecurity
undermined cases

missed the chance
to survive and prosper
creating divide
to die and disappear

unulfilled promises
unfinished business
impending vows
sorrowful richness

dusk falls over the brooding hills
nowhere to go
distant flickering lights
moving to and fro

darkness embraces
leads the world to dismay
thousand thoughts
and wishes to pray

heart is like a predator
which hunts its host
dwells in the deep
the memories ghosts

past flashes
blinds the present
imbibed pain
glows with crescent

a howling beast
in the wilderness
resembles the cries
of dark dead love priestess

who got thrown
away from the heavens
now seeks forgiveness
to be partaken

wish to die
but its under the curse
filled with remorse

take me with you
to the other dimension
would love to live together
can't bear this pain of separation

Thursday, September 30, 2010

life still happens.....

like an alchemist
in the search of the precious
washes the sands
to obtain aurous

like a juggler
who juggles the knives
with sharp edges
on both sides

like a child
who got lost
alone in wilderness
and lost in thought

like a lover
who got betrayed
laughs at the world
with inside frayed

life is what happens to us
when we are making other plans

Prompt: "
life is what happens to us
when we are making other plans"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mould of my soul...

so how do you know what you think is right?
what you perceive about all things in sight
how do you find you're being kind?
raising concerns for creating divide
division and gap between soul and mind
and chase perfection with faith that's blind

the life we choose, to have everything we need
From happiness of the world,in it lust and some greed,
To get everything we desire,
The word "deserve" we don't require!!!

conscience calls made to align the likes
soul is backbeaten ,the sincerity disliked
the soliloquy is always about gain
truth is buried and honesty disdain

we get into cocoon of false impressions
the world is ruled by all imaginations
the house or abode of our desires
is hollow building with wrong foundations

to get things right, to be heard
choose the thorn ridden passage "unturned"
its raining fire from the skies of gloom
has melted stones and landscape burned

i chose a mould for me to hide
the different humane, from what i am inside
i try to follow those who succeed
without giving a thought to, "what i need?"

but sure i can change from what i am now
for some one to hold and let me know how???
to face the world with all that might
don't fear the dead and lost, don't bow!!!

it doesn't matter if i remain unheard
i can still pave the way, unperturbed
not to follow but lead the pack
of all dead souls ,see the truth affirmed

i closed all the doors of my escape
to burn down my sheath , undone the drape
once again to mould my soul
this time to meet, my imperfect shape

i melted and moulded in so many shapes,
the search for solace and so lovely gapes,
the rekindling enigma and restoring soul,
the mould of my soul is the mould i sold..

Friday, August 27, 2010

angel of my love...

an angelic image
a distant mirage
searching for you
in an unending entourage...

the smell of your body
that cannabis fragrance
can't agree now
to even a moment of abstinence

burning sand of desert
chilling ice of a mountain
are the colours of your body
of that love fountain

you're the chilly wind
you're the burning flame
let me embrace the beauty of this world
that thou has hidden in this lovely dame

those burning curves
set me ablaze
burn me down
with your heat of embrace

let me take a sip
and slide down the contours
those rose petal lips
that irresistible liqueur

give me your hand
see in my eyes
let tongues collide
as a pleasent surprise

let me kiss you
and never stop
let me love you
round the clock

Friday, August 20, 2010

dreams and reality...

when you're quiet
the noise maddens
like in the thunder
the bolt lightens

the calm before it
and the disastrous aftermath
stranded on a lonely mountain
facing nature's wrath

so cold dark rains
it rains fear,anger n tragedy
flashes of the past come and go
bring out the pain and agony

faces emerge out of rain
they laugh and grin
make me look pitiful
look at my love as a dreadful sin

the forest fires
have burned down the life
ash and smoke is everywhere
pyres have burned even the afterlife

now rains have taken over
to washaway the leftovers of past
of burning dreams and last hopes

the yearn in the eyes hasn't died
but light is gone, now darkness casts

thoughts don't leave
soul doesn't stay
when in the middle of a dream
you make your way

it was a dream on
but now its turning into reality
i lovingly called you rains and light
now just portraying their brutality

the rains and its unpredictability
hurts the lives and sentiments
the clear waters turns turbid
the giggles turn to pitiful laments

an uninvited rain hurts
as an unconnected love
broken string and burned feathers
you killed that lovely white dove...

Friday, July 16, 2010

dawn to dusk....

a relentless morning
saw you in the dream
they say it comes true
when you wish that to supreme

the dawn is breaking
but its silent as the dead
the trees, the breeze, the hills, the birds
are listening to me instead

i picked up an old book
from the junk of that old cupboard
it smells like old memories
still fresh but now dearth

the book still had that rose
which you gave me when you left
it has lost its color and smell
still leaves me bereft

that red color has turned dark
as it is a clot of my wounded heart
but that dried thorn
still tears me apart

why is love like roses
which wilts when the sun shines bright
when the winds blows with might
when its kept without light

why isn't it like thorns
the more it dries grows more strong
the fragrance of flower may die
but the piercing of thorn won't

one thing is for sure
it might be like roses
but pierces like a thorn
the more you try to hold it
the more your feelings are torn

the day is gone thinking about you
now the sun is going down
the dusk falls over the brooding hills
no one to be with around

that rose will bloom
again tonight in my dreams
i will smile with you then
but might wake up with a scream

the dried eyes and dead heart
the lost world and world apart
the yearning soul and smiling thoughts
the paranoid life about love start

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sin called love...

in pursuit of love
hope to find it one day
under strange circumstances
until it brings me off the bay

why is everyone
in pursuit of love,even when they say
you'll find love
when you give up the chase

but what a catastrophy
what a disgrace it is
it always manages to find those
who don't know the place of it

its not even blind
its heartless and black
it brings the agony
the ignominy of being in lack

those true to the souls
faithful and bold
are cursed to never get it
until they break the laws

those with loose beliefs
and jittery pride
it embraces them proudly
keeps them allied and abide

its losing its charm
aura and the grace
no more rush of blood and
the warmth of embrace

it has left our side
to meet those with the thick hide
they break the fragile feelings
and still it keeps them glide

we are the bottom
of dark cold ocean
the sun will never shine here
we will get no notion

so end this row of reaching us one day
we dont want you anymore
coz after giving up this chase
life is better than ever before

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what is love???

yes it was destined
it was god given
it was extraordinary
it wasn't to be forgotten

and yeah it happened
it happened and got lost
was allowed to flutter for a while
and then got tossed

brought out the joy
the overwhelming feel
it made us rise high up above
and it made me kneel

it prefixed a gentle
to the relentless rough Me
it taught the chivalry
held the mannerless spree

it showed what's it to be in shadows
in the scorching sun
it showed whats with first rains
its not only flowing waters its Almighty's plan

it showed what is the extent of happy
and what is the depth of sad
it showed whats the brightness of daybreak
whats the darkness of setting sun

it gave the vision to live for someone
told me the meaning of someone's tears
it told me living without falling in it is tough
told me parting is amongst the biggest fears

it made me smile in pain
and cry when joyous
it made me believe in destiny
and gave meaning to the prayers

i learned what is love
and what it demands
it feeds the heart,
devours the soul
and still commands

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

together we belong....

you saw me dancing around
you saw me looking you down
you saw me with a girl
you saw me making fun

you saw me ignoring you
you saw me daring you
you hated me that way
you thought i was playing you

but its always not
what it seems
sometimes a broken heart
heals by convincing himself
by doing such deeds

you saw me happy and rejoiced
but it wasn't what i felt
you could only hear the heartiest laugh
you coudn't see the eyes
numb and moist

you might have decided to let it go
you might be furious and sad
but you dont know
how it feels to be heartbroken n bad

we didn't fell in love at first sight
how could hate emerge at first mistake
i might have let you down at times
just remember my feelings ,they aren't fake

if you move away now
feelings disgusted
you might regret later
at the mistake

i tried to hate you back there
but couldn't succeed
dont try to do the same
it is heartbreaking deed

give me one more chance
hate me if you find me wrong
i hate to lose you for life
just think, together we belong!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


after all this
that we've been through
i still find me
standing by you

feels if, i still
pursue that love,
which haunts my nights
and stay on your side
everything would be okay
everything would be alright

this dilemma has left me
confused and affright
divided my soul
blown off the guiding light

see me standing
in that lime light!!
fearing the judgement
beginning of plight
you see me bleed
you seem me cry
what callous heart?
you smile inspite!!

but this leaves me strong
brings out the might
to suffer the wounds
and face the wrath
feel the brunt and be a knight

but this dilemma
again takes over
anger gets buried
the pain gets lower

but some part of me,
say heart of me
is still at peace
to see you smile
among all that ruckus
though for a short while..

Friday, May 14, 2010

NikzMixx Rap....

nothing's gonna change
no one's gonna miss you
no body gives a f**k about
no body cares for sh*t you do

Whateva you do
makes an impact on your mind
it redefines your personna
it replenishes you and your kind

F***k 'em all
who show you down
who give advice
grab the opportunity
coz its neva gonna knock twice

listen to your conscience
talk to you brain
dont!!! complain
about the efforts
that gone in vain
no one remembers
who finished second
be the numero Uno
No Bargain!!!
Just get out
and Attain
draw the first blood
and be the Game!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

breaking free...

rain doesn't bring out the joy anymore
neither do heat bothers me
winter doesn't feel even a bit harsh
it feels i am breaking free

Fall is what makes me smile
the way Trees shed their disloyal leaves
sunset brings cheer to my life
coz it brings a new day with new possibilities

the migrating birds show you the way
flocking down to unknown places
take their chances to survive the onslaught
to forget failures and explore new phases

i want to walk alone
a lone traveller in the wilderness
in search of the meaning of life
to satiate this thirst of utter unrest

Thursday, April 22, 2010

its gonna hurt...forever

its gonna hurt us both
its gonna hurt till the end of the time
its gonna leave a hollow
that we can't be together in this life

how difficult it is
to understand
that we need to part
and wash away our marks from the sand

i would have to forget that smile
i would have to forget those talks
that lovely voice and giggle at times
the passion and vibes and love knocks

i would have to forget those eyes
sea green and eager to talk
that glitter sometimes sparkling with love
sometimes that uneasy gawk

i would have to forget
the loving embrace and leisurely walks
the warmth of holding the hand
the rush of blood and momentous balks

to forget the rains
we used to love
the drives to places
never saying enough

i have to forget ,wishing you birthdays
and meeting you at midnight
to see that surprising look on your face
and savour the moment for many nights

is it possible to love and forget
is it ok to wish that we shouldn't have met
is it possible to ignore everything about you
can you do this ,have you thought?

its just a moment of hatred and remorse
the love resurfaces again, ofcourse
how to uproot the budding seeds
how to close the broken doors

it gives me jitters just to think
that i have to do all this
a life time is not enough
to miss you and be missed

a moment's separation in love, feels lifetime
here it is lifetime, i am talking about
would you be able to sleep ease?
forget, being with me and be without

Thursday, April 15, 2010

lonesome knight....

Rains are back
with the fading skies
the thunder of light
and nothing in sight

a lonesome path
and nowhere to hide
the naked trees
in the black night

the soul is wounded
but unshaken pride
crawling on my hands
only winds to guide

yesterday is dark
and present chide
future is bleak
stars died

let me be free
let me abide
give me your hand and let me stand
hold me high ,keep me by your side

i am raring to go
i won't be left behind
i am ready to pray
i am ready to fight

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Enter my world
and rekindle the love
make up my life
and hold it up

heart is broken
but love persists
a look from you
and I can't resist

whenever i meet you
i don't wanna leave
we will be together
i can't believe

forget the past
and present and the future
live in the moment
live it forever

i don't care
what will happen tomorrow
i don't mind
one more sorrow

just want to walk again
along the same path
love can't withold
for fear of aftermath

kiss me to life
show me the sun
open my eyes
to a bright new world

love keeps reviving
and it fades away the past
it does betrays
but still it lasts

Monday, April 5, 2010


searching for a place to
rest my soul
creating a trend to
break the mould
longing for the love
and thinking of tomorrow
desperately reaching for a hand to hold
past is passe
virgin and gold
present is beautiful
exciting and bold
future has boundless
events to unfold
but what's with life and
love behold
you keep looking for it
and its always in folds
then why to look
for something so cold
that it fails to soothe
feelings withhold
calm your life and
stop searching for love
Its a mirage
always trolled
it doesn't resides
in hearts anymore
its in the shows
and its already sold...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

resurrection of soul....

so you've decided
to end it all
so you've taken the step
once and for all

so this is the life
you've left for me
to leave me alone in a journey
of suffering and agony

But i tell you that
to your dismay
you can't diminish
the smoldering ray

In the great wide open
under the skies of gloom
i know things will change
Love again will bloom

the rains in the dark
would bring in spring soon
winds would hum
the love laden croon

i would meet somone
who would love me for what i am
who would give up the world
for me to be her man

it needs a mind to think
it needs a beauty to own
it needs a life to believe
it needs a heart to condone

Its always darkest
before sunrise
it just needs a look
to make love reprise

Monday, February 22, 2010

this Valentine...

on this valentine
lost memories arose
from the ashes of past
the life i chose

from the day we met
to the day you depart
every moment flashes
a recap of the past

a buried love
and a lost life
supressed emotions
and dried eyes

when love was in the air
and heart's petty plays
it was valentine everyday

when we saw each other in eyes
and gone to the distant lost world
it was valentine every instant
it was love all the way

last valentine i said the unsaid
i remember the glitter in eyes
i remember that face so red
i remember the life changing nod
i remember the great time we had

till this valentine everything changed
the glitter in the eyes rolled down the cheeks
the red face was pale with the feelings strange
and this time the nod in NO, which you couldn't speak

sitting lonely under the stars
on this cold lonely night
just listen to your heart
look through the eyes plight

once again be the love
once again you be my valentine
once again come back to me
once again please be mine

Friday, January 8, 2010

life,love...its no more...

impossible for you to come back
my implausible efforts to move on
it seems i am stuck to a thought
always thinking of your return

walking down the same road
wondering about the future
a futile attempt to blur the vision
of us together in the old picture

i dont believe my friends anymore
they talk to me about your betrayal
i think i wasn't worthy of your love
i know you can't be that cruel

just waiting for these moments to pass
cherishing the days when we were together
sitting by the seaside from dawn till dusk
can't think of anything better

those laidback days and lying in the sun
those barbeques and the sparkling wines
just you and me in the whole world
those days were so very fine
those long drives to the unknown places
those casual walks by the sea side
that cool wind blowing into your face
sitting there till midnight

staring at the flickering stars
in the pitch black sky
your warm breath against my face
your tender kiss sets me high

all that feels as a dream now
everything you said turned out to be a lie
i believed in you more than my God
couldn't believe,those hazel eyes

these never ending rains have blown off the sun
it doesn't shine that bright these days
no more parties by the sea side
no more friends and fun ways

No more love, life no more
No one seems better than you
heart is sore with hollow inside love! a final adieu