Friday, October 28, 2011


void in the eyes,
staring in the skies
sorrow laden heart
howls and cries

detachment to life
don't want love or fame
i don't give a damn
about my existence

all seems lost
taken,broken or tossed
hiding myself from winds
in shadow of crumbling walls
waited all my life
wandering in this desert
quenching my thirst with tears
mending the cracked skin with mud

no matter how much i try
can't seem to satisfy
my aspirations and ambitions
have i taken it too high?

yes! i would like to die
but this demeaning death would defy
my struggles,my pains,my strive
for excellence,and pain stricken smile...

Prompt: written for a poetry contest with prompt "there are voids in every body's life but what if the life itself is in a void"
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

an unending night.....

dark and long,lovely night
when i crave for your sight
a feather touch,a whisper and smile
a gentle nudge, a thought so wild

mist on the grass,full moon nights
shining stars my dreamy eyes
peaking ecstasy,my imagination flies
intertwined with love,we'll attain heights

fragile my form,your strong might
together we, are meant to find
origin of love,its depth and heights
sing me the silence,off my teary eyes

your passion holding my drowsy frame
embrace me tight,whisper my name
a sweet banter fuels the flame
commit this crime,i'll bear the blame

play with me,awaken my soul
shape my heart,be my mould
model me from head to toe
to look every bit a part of your soul...

sweet nothings in my mind
sound of slapping skin in a rhyme
sweat,tears and moaning chimes
took me to solace, your love divine.....

Prompt: written for a poetry contest in category "Sensual". However, i did realise that i am not very good at writing on this theme.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

the great escape...

big restaurant
with girl of my dreams
sparkling wine ,popping champagne
some brule de creme

had a gala time
till its time to be back
landed in soup
at the sight of check

suddenly i remembered
the escape routine
let me wash my hands
i am a man of hygiene

Prompt: a funny attempt at how to avoid paying the bill.....when on the first date.
**tried and tested***