Monday, February 22, 2010

this Valentine...

on this valentine
lost memories arose
from the ashes of past
the life i chose

from the day we met
to the day you depart
every moment flashes
a recap of the past

a buried love
and a lost life
supressed emotions
and dried eyes

when love was in the air
and heart's petty plays
it was valentine everyday

when we saw each other in eyes
and gone to the distant lost world
it was valentine every instant
it was love all the way

last valentine i said the unsaid
i remember the glitter in eyes
i remember that face so red
i remember the life changing nod
i remember the great time we had

till this valentine everything changed
the glitter in the eyes rolled down the cheeks
the red face was pale with the feelings strange
and this time the nod in NO, which you couldn't speak

sitting lonely under the stars
on this cold lonely night
just listen to your heart
look through the eyes plight

once again be the love
once again you be my valentine
once again come back to me
once again please be mine