Friday, January 7, 2011

bind me free....

naked in shower,out of breath
shivers of death,love's aftermath

i cry in the rains,so no one can see
i walk alone ,pretend i am free

shred to pieces,chopped soul
burning wet wood,smoke tears roll

every fallen leaf remind me of spring
smooth touching air ,venomous sting

leave me alone,reside within me
fall apart from me,bind me free

Picture Prompt courtsey: Google Images

Monday, January 3, 2011

i hate love because i hate pain...

remembering you, again
sitting on edge,drenched in rain
i despise thought of suicide
but i dread more living through pain

apprehensive life,contemptuos soul
unworthy emotions as feasting ghoul
day and night they eat me inside
fill that hollow with pain and loathe...

i fill my mind with joyous disguise
but cloak of dark brings in surprise
tormented thoughts of creating divide
lose life, shed inhibitions inspite

i don't want to die but i'm dead already
losing my sleep,my heart so steady
relentless in grave,engraving nails
holding onto misery,feels so heady

burn my heart,my soul,my life
throw my ashes on seashore wind
for i may find solace,peace and rest
where memories and moments intertwine...

Author Note: some random thoughts.....the picture is taken from Google Images.....
Please let me know any areas of awkwardness ....