Tuesday, November 15, 2011

never came tomorrow...

its your birthday, i couldn't forget
after you parted but you haven't really left
you did leave an emptiness,however filled with sorrow
a day ended for a better hope but never came tomorrow....

remembering you, here sitting in the pale
tears to wash that headstone shale
you know i come here everyday,bring your favourite chocolate
so many things to talk about,so many memoirs to share everyday

i keep that grass green around your grave
i know how you like to keep your place
lillies,marigold ,roses and carnations
i plant those flowers in your bouquet

this whole valley is colored in your hue
i stretched this grass cover for you
its my heart that is your warm bed
blue is the sky ,because i am feeling blue....

i wait for you,if you aren't at home
i'll leave when you'll be back,for you like it alone
i walk bare feet to remove the thorns,
embed them in my soul,for you shouldn't know
making it smooth under your feet,
for you may take a stroll to pastures unknown..

leaving my scent may make you feel bad
so i bring over these flowers instead
i don't want you to know i was here
so i don't leave my name on the greeting note

"You may find it little later or wilted...
but remember the memories are afresh till this day,
carnations here are the moments intertwined,
lonely years make, this cascading bouquet"...

Prompt: wrote the last stanza as a birthday note on a friends greeting card...and then thought of writing something sad and heart breaking...hence the write..
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:-Dee said...

Its really touching. Guess every person who has lost a loved one would relate to this. Beautifully penned.

Raniyal Niyada said...

soo emotional. . . Good one :)

Anonymous said...

Quite nostalgic!!!!!!!! Perhaps awesome!!!

The Fallen Poet said...

@Dee...thanks for the wonderful feedback...i am glad you liked it...

@Raniyal Niyada...thank you for taking time to read and comment...i appreciate that

Anonymous ...thanks a lot

Zach said...

Beautiful. and I can relate to it as well. Good work :)

Thousif Raza said...

it is good but i think u can improve at a couple of points like the blue line... the things with poetry is not to make it rhyme every time... it should capture the essence of what ur trying to say... it should leave u thinking...

i liked the hue line... was awesome :D :)

Take care and keep writing........