Monday, November 29, 2010

a friend forever....

sitting beside
my best friend sees
memories come and go
like sunlight among leaves

it all started
when i was a kid
playing in the sun
like a little brid

in the backyard
found black shiny seed
buried it in the sand
and forgot the deed

as rains poured
couldn't go out
on a clear sunny day
saw lovely green sprout

i loved it
it was my treasure
seeing its growing
gave a unique pleasure

it started to grow
alonwith me
from a kid to adolescence
now i was free

sat near it for hours
confide in it my fears
shared my laughs
showed my tears

hanging with branches
messing around
sitting in shade
reading on ground

as time slipped fast
i stepped in youth
i found my love
slowly edged my favourite booth

but it didn't complain
stood high on the ground
shared my moments
whenever i was around

slowly i got busy
in worldly chores
married and had kids
no time to explore

seasons changed
autumns and springs
it roared with the thunders
sang with winds

we both are old now
as differences crop around
no one talks or shares
to home we are confound

humans are such assets
become liability in course of time
but he remained an asset
as a prized prime

left alone in my last days
as everyone moved to a bright new place

but how can i leave
my friend alone
who still talks to me
when i am prone

heaven's rainbow,in life's eve
in my last moments,it heaved a deep sigh
showered me with flowers
as i leave to distant skies

tryst of destiny....

i was a kid ,got hurt in a play
bruised all over,cried all the way
so i thought it,my life's worst day

then in school, in my teenage
got bullied and ragged,thrown on the edge
scared everyday,so thought of those life's worst days

in my college, i failed a sem
the result was out,it was a shame
couldn't see my friends in the eye
thought of it as another bad day in life

However,everything changed
when i met you around
love at first sight
feelings profound
we had our share of love and fights
days that were great and some lonely nights
till the day of apocalypse
final judgement was drawn
i was no more your love inborn
you left me alone,felling into abyss
darkness and fear, cries and shrieks

i broke into thousand pieces
rolled down like mercury
couldn't take a shape again
hurled down in scurry

still that wasn't the worst day of my life
moment you turned me down,my life ceased to exist
i am still waiting,each breath is paying price
into the darkness,a destiny's tryst

Monday, November 15, 2010

course of life....

the high tides
sent on errand
sand of time
has silted land

lonely shales
barren shoal
open hands
empty soul

river bends
entered lives
every corner
cut stream rife

serene life
calmness cripples
a fallen straw
creates ripples

white waters
entered my love
fell like a fall
drowned feelings
with no chance to evolve

memories haunt
but friends preserve
a hand on shoulder
atleast i deserve