Monday, August 31, 2009

love left us

Those were the days
we remained in embrace
those were the days
of love at every place

those were the days
when you were around
those were the days
our love was reknowned

cant forget the time
you kissed me for the first time
heart left me and blew away
i was singing with chimes

that time of life
when you became my obsession
the exctasy of heart
when i was your possession

Now this heart wanders alone
love left me since you are gone
Now my heart does'nt beats
i left my soul in my clone

Now the seasons dont bother me
because its autumn always
heart forgot to bloom
gone were the days

Whenever i breathe
something pokes me in the heart
but a ray of hope
still shimmers apart

the gloomy clouds circling
all above my life
heart bleeds with pain
like its cut with a knife

i am waiting till this journey ends
If i am gone i will wait in the sands

Friday, August 28, 2009

wish those times stay

the times when
we are together
those times seems
to not last forever

we don't seem
to understand
the importance of time
when our souls blend

we sit together
and not say a word
holding hands and
stare, till eyes withered

making fun of
watever you do
ending the bicker
with i love you

making you jealous
with delusive flirts
feel the same
and know it hurts

thinking thousand things
to talk to you
mind fails to respond
when heart is with you

moments we cherish
throughout out life
it pains a lot
when love aint alive

the importance is only known
when you are gone
feeling the dusk
and i am alone

world reminds of you
cant forget you even in dreams
think of going apart
and i wake up with scream

this is my life
after you're gone
love bequethed
and i am alone

time when you were in my nights
you were in my days
we were in love
hope the time would've stayed

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i wish you were here

when i wake up at dawn
feeling the cool breeze
and the orange sky
i close my eyes

and wish you were here

i go out for a walk
engrossed in your thoughts
chirping of birds on a tree
frees me of the knot

and i wish
you were here

when it rains
and the rainbow appears
i feel the colors
and feel you near
the raindrops wash the clot

and i wish
you were here

sometimes i wander alone in afternoon
the bright sun shines
as i am standing in dunes
the hot winds washes the sand
your face in my chest and you hold my hand

these moments are like mirage
always far but always near

i wish i wish i wish
you were here

the dusk falls
night embraces the day
even the sun can't fight
the coming dismay

i walk towards the darkning fear
realizing to fight it alone
and i wish you were here

the moonlit sky
and the milky way
they dont enrich anymore
the memories foray

in the sky i imagine your face somewhere
tears roll down my face

and i wish you were here
i wish you were here
i wish you were here

life without you....

with you i feel life
and joy that's rife
love oozes out with every feel
you transform to my God
your love makes me kneel

you eyes give me a glance
sets my heart beats in a trance
wind that blows your hairs
touch your face
and whispers in my ears

you are an ocean of love,
a sea of lust
a lake of faith
a bond of trust

i miss you my darling
i miss the taste of your kiss
i miss the feather touch
i miss the moments of bliss

i miss those blue eyes
i miss those pouty lips
i miss those long hairs
arms which held me in those cosy grips

without you ,am alone
dejected and lost, in my own
Life brought to a point
where love is far and
emotions are prone

counting my days to see you again
cant stop dreaming about you again
cant wait to see love began

an incomplete love...

The day we met;
I just can't forget.

The first 'Hi'!
When you were passing by.

I can't forget;
The day we met.

So many questions in your blue eyes.
So many queries in my heart's depth.
A pretty smile on your face.
And every answer given, nothing's left.

That day I believed in love at first sight,
As I couldn't sleep that night.

I decided that I'll hold your hand,
But it was a different feeling at your end.
I thought of you at all the time.
But you thought we are just friends.

I said those words to you,
And you left without saying anything.
It was the longest wait I ever had for a reply.
I couldn't sleep, my eyes didn’t blink.

You replied something, to my fears,
That we can't be lovers but just peers,
I couldn't listen to anything else,
You broke my heart, left me in tears.

Still you wanted me to be your friend.
But I just could not understand.

You don't understand that love never die.
It’s difficult to forget.
And you were my first love.
And there was nothing I could get.

We parted and you left.
I tried but could not turn my love to hate!
I too just couldn't do anything
and left everything to fate.

I tried to get you again and again.
But every time you were the same.
I truly love you my love!
Believe me once in God's name.

Sometimes when you make me feel really bad.
I'll play a song in a loop and cry.
It was a waste of time and it won’t seem important
The next time when I see u smile.

I still admire you, and I still love you.
But you seem to have gone far.
Now you have a love in your life,
and I am still the lonely star.

Your presence is felt always in my thoughts and deeds.
Only you are the one whom I need.

I would be there, whenever you return
And I won't disappoint you, if that's my turn.