Saturday, April 30, 2011

do you miss something you never knew.....

i know your imaginations,
perceptions with the picture above
i know you miss that thing
called "Unconditional love"

what i see is the aftermath
of being hopelessly romantic
what i see is this moment wont last
serenity and calmness would turn frantic

red is not beautiful
when its bleeding broken heart
the moment which you lived here
would tear your heart apart

you'd die to relive this moment
but these times wont return
its a picture of misery and pain
while you're watching this picture burn

love starts like a storm
takes over everything in its way
but soon it dies,with thunder and cries
and ashes wash away....

and someday then everything is lost
taking love,life and soul apart
so the moment now you cherish most
will haunt you forever till you last...

have you missed anything,
that you never knew
never miss that "love"
its never pure or true....

Prompt: well the picture was sent by one of my friends, but she wanted me to write a sad poem for such a lovely picture, i have tried to write this poem as a conversation , a frantic attempt i think....
so suggestions and criticism are welcome.....

Friday, April 22, 2011

its going to be a great sunrise...

trickle down on the leaves
the moss,the flowers,the bees
flailing mist in the woods
snow clad mountain peaks

humming birds and butterflies
vast flowerbeds to the end of the skies
stream rolling down the shoals
calming mornings, quietly nights

green pastures ,blue skies
flight of birds take me so high
a heavenly abode giving meaning to life
i think its going to be a great sunrise....

wake up and run,excell new heights
black is gone, morning looks bright
its never too late to start afresh
a new way to live shows this new sunrise....

be alone and identify
bliss in the world,your inner might
the wilderliness,the farsight
wither or wilt,but infuse new life

mother nature is god
with its power and might
to love this love ,you mortal beings
no one is to stay forever but just your memories...

so try and give some meaning to your life
and then i know it'll be a great sunrise....

Prompt: the title line is a dialogue i heard in some movie...and so the whole theme is entangled around it.....yeah its also meant to make us feel good about the world, to start afresh, and leave our memories through good deeds...because only the "name" lives after we are gone.....

Image courtesy: google images....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

its all a lie....

tearful soul yet smiling persuasion
when i fell through grace
eternal moment of dubious silence
your admittance of love
again!! my luck betrayed
ah!! that lucky bastard
got, for what i forever prayed
                                   here i am standing clueless
                                  shameless,stubborn "Gentleman"
                                   smiling through nagging pain
                                      forever hating myself
i saw in those blue eyes
the man whose love they bore
for the man i just came to know
for the man i hated most
                                  never felt so helpless
                                 embracing to ease your pain
                                  could you see into my eyes
                                   my hapless smile insane
i don't know if i hate you
or i hate myself more
for if i loved you so much
i should have known your love
                                 but same applies to you
                                 you knew i was loving you
                                  but why didn't you tell me
                                    atleast a hint,a clue
now i don't believe in love
now i hate even the thought
apathy and hatred
replaced the feelings lost

Prompt: woke up from a sad thought..
" there is nothing called love"...