Friday, January 10, 2014

battered Independence...

blurred and battered independence,
used as per convenience,
the tricolor turned monochrome,
in the setting dusk,
which was supposed to be dawn...
the sorry state
that we landed ourselves in,
the blame is on us,
our ignorance,
we always believed in gradual change
"everything will be fine,some sunny day"
but it won't unless we realise
that nothing can be gained,without a fight
not to suffer, but sacrifice
a will to change,before its night...

Do not hesitate, to bring about even small change
small ripples together form a wave,
a bland life,thought without taste
be ready to die for your belief, faith...
strive and try to materialise
our efforts to educate,
to uplift, to raise your voice,
make yourselves aware about rights you have,
to rise and fight for your place...

Bhagat and Aazad would be turning
into their graves
do we really value, legacy they left
we still need some radical change
to put the defaulters in their place,
don't just be a bystander,witness,
get into that fight,
for you may never know,
for that victim might be you, tomorrow...