Monday, August 22, 2011

struggle of life for life....

timorous soul
alive and awake
getting through life
this endless wait

when does it end?
what to achieve?
name,fame or love!!
how you perceive?

life is deranged
mind estranged
off track is the course
through coarse trails

its rough and thorny
sun beaten path
starts with a pain
ends in a wrath

kiss me good bye
wish me luck
for i may be forgotten
face down in the muck

i may be lost
in this wilderness
but remember one thing
i tried my best..

everyone wants to be a turret stone
flashy ,shiny ,well honed
but to hold the wall of this place alone
someone has to choose to be the foundation stone....
\prompt: the picture (courtesy google images)
i too want to leave a mark when i am gone....but if its not possible...i just want to make a i should be satisfied when i am on the verge...