Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Maa, i love you...

                                                                                            how much i miss you mom,
these cold nights
when i am half asleep
i feel myself drifting away
shivering in cold
but too lazy to pull up the cover,
i know mom, 
if you were here
you would tuck me in...

in the dream
i saw you crying 
and i cried with you
my pillow case is still wet
with my tears

oh mom , how much i miss you
the dream when i saw 
you were leaving
my heart skipped a beat
i held your hand 
until you said 
you would come back for me
i dreaded that night
couldn't sleep again...

just because i grew up
i moved away
but the child inside me
always needs your attention
i would like to sleep 
with my head in your lap
and you talking about
the things that happened
while we were away

i miss those mornings
when you would wake me up

i miss you mom
every moment of my day
every day of my life...

till the time comes...

promises to meet, stay in my mind,
life goes on, aloof but intertwined...
we would meet, we could meet
we should meet, at a moment undefined...
the gaze has stayed forever in the eyes,
the wind in the hair, a few smiles...
we connect at soul and heart and mind
better to stay away,other's can't find...
some better day, or some better time
when i miss you ,you miss that time...
meet me at the corner, the cafe far out.
a place where sunshine meets the cloud,
the dark ,the shadows, the silhoutte...


Monday, June 23, 2014

freedom means to me...

birds flying across the seas,
winds blowing from trees,
river spiralling down the mountains,
on a flowing spree...

all of which is freedom,
which unfolds my soul,
like a drifting kite,
riding winds unawares
towards an unknown goal...

like scent of a flower
flowing across,
the colors of a painting
on a canvass,
mist settled on the moss,
a sailing boat in vast ocean
free to take its course...

beaming rays of sun,
or gleaming moon,
nights of summers,
or winter noon,
notes of music,
the symphony, the tune...

freedom is when
there is no pain
even in the dreams,
a sweet humming 
across the realms...