Tuesday, May 25, 2010

together we belong....

you saw me dancing around
you saw me looking you down
you saw me with a girl
you saw me making fun

you saw me ignoring you
you saw me daring you
you hated me that way
you thought i was playing you

but its always not
what it seems
sometimes a broken heart
heals by convincing himself
by doing such deeds

you saw me happy and rejoiced
but it wasn't what i felt
you could only hear the heartiest laugh
you coudn't see the eyes
numb and moist

you might have decided to let it go
you might be furious and sad
but you dont know
how it feels to be heartbroken n bad

we didn't fell in love at first sight
how could hate emerge at first mistake
i might have let you down at times
just remember my feelings ,they aren't fake

if you move away now
feelings disgusted
you might regret later
at the mistake

i tried to hate you back there
but couldn't succeed
dont try to do the same
it is heartbreaking deed

give me one more chance
hate me if you find me wrong
i hate to lose you for life
just think, together we belong!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


after all this
that we've been through
i still find me
standing by you

feels if, i still
pursue that love,
which haunts my nights
and stay on your side
everything would be okay
everything would be alright

this dilemma has left me
confused and affright
divided my soul
blown off the guiding light

see me standing
in that lime light!!
fearing the judgement
beginning of plight
you see me bleed
you seem me cry
what callous heart?
you smile inspite!!

but this leaves me strong
brings out the might
to suffer the wounds
and face the wrath
feel the brunt and be a knight

but this dilemma
again takes over
anger gets buried
the pain gets lower

but some part of me,
say heart of me
is still at peace
to see you smile
among all that ruckus
though for a short while..

Friday, May 14, 2010

NikzMixx Rap....

nothing's gonna change
no one's gonna miss you
no body gives a f**k about
no body cares for sh*t you do

Whateva you do
makes an impact on your mind
it redefines your personna
it replenishes you and your kind

F***k 'em all
who show you down
who give advice
grab the opportunity
coz its neva gonna knock twice

listen to your conscience
talk to you brain
dont!!! complain
about the efforts
that gone in vain
no one remembers
who finished second
be the numero Uno
No Bargain!!!
Just get out
and Attain
draw the first blood
and be the Game!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

breaking free...

rain doesn't bring out the joy anymore
neither do heat bothers me
winter doesn't feel even a bit harsh
it feels i am breaking free

Fall is what makes me smile
the way Trees shed their disloyal leaves
sunset brings cheer to my life
coz it brings a new day with new possibilities

the migrating birds show you the way
flocking down to unknown places
take their chances to survive the onslaught
to forget failures and explore new phases

i want to walk alone
a lone traveller in the wilderness
in search of the meaning of life
to satiate this thirst of utter unrest