Friday, August 27, 2010

angel of my love...

an angelic image
a distant mirage
searching for you
in an unending entourage...

the smell of your body
that cannabis fragrance
can't agree now
to even a moment of abstinence

burning sand of desert
chilling ice of a mountain
are the colours of your body
of that love fountain

you're the chilly wind
you're the burning flame
let me embrace the beauty of this world
that thou has hidden in this lovely dame

those burning curves
set me ablaze
burn me down
with your heat of embrace

let me take a sip
and slide down the contours
those rose petal lips
that irresistible liqueur

give me your hand
see in my eyes
let tongues collide
as a pleasent surprise

let me kiss you
and never stop
let me love you
round the clock

Friday, August 20, 2010

dreams and reality...

when you're quiet
the noise maddens
like in the thunder
the bolt lightens

the calm before it
and the disastrous aftermath
stranded on a lonely mountain
facing nature's wrath

so cold dark rains
it rains fear,anger n tragedy
flashes of the past come and go
bring out the pain and agony

faces emerge out of rain
they laugh and grin
make me look pitiful
look at my love as a dreadful sin

the forest fires
have burned down the life
ash and smoke is everywhere
pyres have burned even the afterlife

now rains have taken over
to washaway the leftovers of past
of burning dreams and last hopes

the yearn in the eyes hasn't died
but light is gone, now darkness casts

thoughts don't leave
soul doesn't stay
when in the middle of a dream
you make your way

it was a dream on
but now its turning into reality
i lovingly called you rains and light
now just portraying their brutality

the rains and its unpredictability
hurts the lives and sentiments
the clear waters turns turbid
the giggles turn to pitiful laments

an uninvited rain hurts
as an unconnected love
broken string and burned feathers
you killed that lovely white dove...