Tuesday, September 29, 2009

girl like you!

hairs flowing from head to shoulder
blue eyes with depth of sea
i saw you walking down my heart
oh my God! this is all i see

Winds careressing long locks
rains washing that lovely face
would i ever get a chance to touch you?
a chance ever to change my fate

when you walk past me
my heart gets swayed towards you
when you walk towards me
my heart sinks in the blue

hands shiver at your touch
a cold runs through my spine
eyes looking deep into my eyes
every heart beat says you are mine

Darling! let those hairs flow
don't tie them with my heart
the way you entangle them and tuck behind your ear
i go crazy, this is thou's most b'ful piece of art

when you stretch your arms
those curves set me ablaze
desire to embrace you sparks
your body seems to be the burning flame

YOu don't know how b'ful you are
you don't know even Gods desire you
your innocence brings me down on my knees
world seems to be colored in your hue

your cannabis fragrance gets me high
your touch sets my spirit free
your kiss blows up my heart
your love lifts me upto thee

i want to be your charming prince
i want to sweep you off your feet
i want you to walk into my life
i want you this love to be complete

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You've become my obsession...

when i am alone
i think of me with you
when i am in crowd
my eyes search for you

when i breathe
i smell your fragrance
when i sleep
i dream of our romance
when i wake up
i want to be admired by you
when i dress up
i want to be desired by you

when i go out
i make plans to bump in you
when i come home
i pray to make them through

when i meet you
i want to stay forever
the moment when you leave
i dont wan't that ever

i see you and
i want to see you more
i love you and
my heart is feeling sore

a thousand things
i want to say to you
but even million words are less
to say , my heart is feeling blue

you are embossed on my heart
like a tatoo
you are carved on my heart
like a scar
i have your impressions on my body
my soul's the sand,
with your foot marks

i am the living example of your memoirs
i am the song ,the song our heart's choir

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


its ok that i am heartbroken
its ok that i am alone
its ok that love left your heart
its ok that it turned to stone

its ok that pieces of my heart
every night slither my eyes and soul
its ok i have hollow in my chest
its ok that my body has taken toll

its ok that my dreams shattered
its ok that my nights deprived of sleep
its ok that my sun never rose
its ok that my sunshine is bleak

its ok that my part of sky
is blood red with clouds of doom
its ok that my starry nights
are filled with tears of gloom

its ok that the roads are empty
filled with the fallen autumn leaves
swaying away are the dry winds
falling with me the hollowed trees

its ok that the house is deserted
its ok that the eyes withered
its ok that i am waiting forever
horizon has melted and sand is dispersed

its ok i couldn't keep up with world
its ok that i am left alone
its ok you are ahead in race,
facing the judgement i am on my own

its ok you have changed
its ok you forgot bygone
its ok you rose to the occasion
its ok you held someone

its ok that i am lonely
in the eve of my life
its ok that, now i can't stand,
walked whole life on the edge of knife

its ok that i dont have a hand to hold
its ok that i dont have anyone to see
the light of life is caged in the body
the bird inside is craving to flee

i am still happy
i am still delighted
i have spent my life remembering you
your memories have kept me lighted

Monday, September 14, 2009

Never Ever Love...

why do we need love
why to be with someone,indeed
to love someone is to be slave
of emotions,lust and greed

because love betrays
it betrays all
you never rise in love
you always fall

because love is like a season
no season prolongs ever
once this spring is over
autumn resides forever

because love is pain
an arrow across the heart
because it hurts always
once your love departs

when you are alone
you are on your own
but when you are lonely
you are the one left only

so never love and never fall
never listen to the heart's call
never say love you again
never ever feel the pain

Thursday, September 10, 2009


such a heartless i have become
i no more believe what you say
i no more believe your tears
i no more believe the feelings you portray

such a heartless i have become
i no more think of you when am alone
i no more dream of you when i am asleep
i no more disturb the memories bygone

such a heartless i have become
i no more cry when i remember you
i no more scream when i dream of you
i no more care for what i say to you

such a heartless i have become
because i dont love anyone now
because i don't have faith in thou
so to him i no more bow

such a heartless i have become
because you left me when i needed
because you didn't listen when i pleaded
because you didn't care when my heart bleeded

such a heartless i have become
you didn't put a fight against the world
because you stranded me alone in the desert
you left me to the ocean with the sales unfurled

such a heartless i have become
do you still think its great to love
world is mere and love is above
but in truth this is not a place to belove
the souls are mean and hearts void of ..

Friday, September 4, 2009

love you always...

in the silence of night
i think about us
the nights we used to spend,
talking till dawn from dusk

in the silence of night
when phone used to ring
i used to wake up at once
as am sleeping on a spring

the times when the roommates ,lie awake
with the giggling sounds we make

the times i used to sit in the balcony
in the freezing cold
to stop someone hearing,the exchange of kisses
with all the passion i could hold

sometimes when i used to keep quiet
you getting annoyed
and making me say something
with your lovely plights

sometimes when i fell asleep
you didn't say a word
waited for me to wake up
and ,then "love you" is all i've heard
and me feeling the guilt
gave stupid excuse
you just laughed and said
that my snores kept you bemused

do you remember when
we had those silly fights
when you used to cry
and i used to advise

now sometimes, i stare at my phone
wait for it to ring
hope of hearing you brings me to life
makes me smile your silly whining

but the times have changed
feelings have estranged
you found your soulmate and
vows have exchanged

if we say love is above all
why do we dont believe
to go under the oath of God
why is this all we need

no one forgets their first love
and first one you are mine
no matter who's my soul mate
but for me you are the one divine

but its not necessary
to keep reviving the gone
i am not the one you adored
i don't want you to mourn

i will keep loving you
and no one could take your place
i will keep loving you
till there's life in space

i got hurt and bruised
when you said good bye,
lost in the memoirs of ours
i sit in the dark and cry

i will keep loving you
and dont need anything in return
no matter where you are
no matter if my ashes burnt

stagnant life...

looks like the time has stopped
looks like that life has flopped
looks like that i am sleeping or
looks like am down and knocked

doesn't look like things will change,
the unidirectional winds will change
i dont know if i could flip my wings
in the place where i am estranged

looks like i am chained
as a slave, i am trained
was i bound to be this kind
or is this what i have framed

when would i break free
when would i stop being down on my knee
when would i stop blaming others
for the failures that i have seen

i promise that i would run
i wont stop before reaching the Sun
i would give hope to others

only then i would say that i am done!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

light at the end of tunnel..

there is always a silver lining
among the darkest clouds
a diamond ring
after the sun is out

an occurence of spring
after the fall
a ray of hope
after every night fall

but even that's not true
for everything
when someone leaves
the memories sting

why i keep falling
into this loop
i fight ,come out
but always land in the soup

why can't we just
forget eveything
be the strangers again
give up the endless searching

but it feels
i am gonna loose
the life is in dilemma
and i am confused

the memory entangle
my feet in knots
i stop somewhere
halting my trot

looks like the light at the end of tunnel
is the glow of fire
of my hopes, funeral pyres

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

before you leave me..

remember those days
when it snowed for a week
skies were dark
and lights were bleak

we were sitting together
in front of the fire
wrapped in a blanket
with burning desires

cold hands and cold feet
pounding hearts desperate to meet

meeting of eyes then trying to evade
touching of hands and feelings persuade

the falling in love
and flowing down the slide
closing of eyes
and tongues collide

warm breath and moist hands
making of love to never pretend

kissing the neck
and whispering in ears
hiding in me and
caressing my hair

emotions burst alongwith tears
found solace ,shed all fears

that was the night of Godly trance
souls met and bodies dance

till the day when you had to go
overwhleming hearts and souls hollow

eyes withered no tears to shed
which was this place, where love lead

but before you leave me
i must say
i would wait
till this life stay

before you leave me
let me say
i would love you
till this heart sway

times come and times go
no one can slow down this flow
stop and turn and see me once
down the lane where memories grow

before you leave me
just stop and turn
i'll close my eyes forever
seeing your face is my last yearn