Thursday, April 22, 2010

its gonna hurt...forever

its gonna hurt us both
its gonna hurt till the end of the time
its gonna leave a hollow
that we can't be together in this life

how difficult it is
to understand
that we need to part
and wash away our marks from the sand

i would have to forget that smile
i would have to forget those talks
that lovely voice and giggle at times
the passion and vibes and love knocks

i would have to forget those eyes
sea green and eager to talk
that glitter sometimes sparkling with love
sometimes that uneasy gawk

i would have to forget
the loving embrace and leisurely walks
the warmth of holding the hand
the rush of blood and momentous balks

to forget the rains
we used to love
the drives to places
never saying enough

i have to forget ,wishing you birthdays
and meeting you at midnight
to see that surprising look on your face
and savour the moment for many nights

is it possible to love and forget
is it ok to wish that we shouldn't have met
is it possible to ignore everything about you
can you do this ,have you thought?

its just a moment of hatred and remorse
the love resurfaces again, ofcourse
how to uproot the budding seeds
how to close the broken doors

it gives me jitters just to think
that i have to do all this
a life time is not enough
to miss you and be missed

a moment's separation in love, feels lifetime
here it is lifetime, i am talking about
would you be able to sleep ease?
forget, being with me and be without

Thursday, April 15, 2010

lonesome knight....

Rains are back
with the fading skies
the thunder of light
and nothing in sight

a lonesome path
and nowhere to hide
the naked trees
in the black night

the soul is wounded
but unshaken pride
crawling on my hands
only winds to guide

yesterday is dark
and present chide
future is bleak
stars died

let me be free
let me abide
give me your hand and let me stand
hold me high ,keep me by your side

i am raring to go
i won't be left behind
i am ready to pray
i am ready to fight

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Enter my world
and rekindle the love
make up my life
and hold it up

heart is broken
but love persists
a look from you
and I can't resist

whenever i meet you
i don't wanna leave
we will be together
i can't believe

forget the past
and present and the future
live in the moment
live it forever

i don't care
what will happen tomorrow
i don't mind
one more sorrow

just want to walk again
along the same path
love can't withold
for fear of aftermath

kiss me to life
show me the sun
open my eyes
to a bright new world

love keeps reviving
and it fades away the past
it does betrays
but still it lasts

Monday, April 5, 2010


searching for a place to
rest my soul
creating a trend to
break the mould
longing for the love
and thinking of tomorrow
desperately reaching for a hand to hold
past is passe
virgin and gold
present is beautiful
exciting and bold
future has boundless
events to unfold
but what's with life and
love behold
you keep looking for it
and its always in folds
then why to look
for something so cold
that it fails to soothe
feelings withhold
calm your life and
stop searching for love
Its a mirage
always trolled
it doesn't resides
in hearts anymore
its in the shows
and its already sold...