Wednesday, December 1, 2010

let's be strangers again....

is it possible
to be strangers again
just as new to each other
forget all , no one to blame

let's be strangers again
let's meet with no pain
no remorse or prejudice
no broken hearts looming disdain

introduction which became
unhealing wound
relation which ended
in a broken soul
lets meet,leave all this
on a sweet note

let's be strangers again
neither i expect a favour for my heart
nor you should look at me with love
nor we should meet to end in a painful depart

let's be strangers again
let's forget all that has happened
for once it was something beautiful
lets honour that,let's be strangers again....


Manoj Kumar said...

dude its really hard to be stranger with a person u love the most. just sucks. i have experienced the same when i lost my love some 2 years back. but now fully recovered

and coming to the style of your writing....i'm your fan.....

i felt that you are suffering with chronic comment deficiency syndrome...sure i will do my part to make u feel better....i ll prescribe u a good dose of comments from now itself regularly...

Ace Energy said...

i thought of writing a poem with this title. im sure a man or woman comes to this idea after relationship just wont work out and the love is still its strongest. when two people are exactly the same but so different. born from different sides of the universe of eternity. different sides of the stars. the best time was at the beginning when the light shone its brightest. light surrounding all with God love. the universe is a cycle in itself. everything that comes around must go around and to the end is a new beginning what else? let the light blind us again. so we can may not see any shadows again, the bliss returns all is new again. the lesson we learned have become a ripe fruit that has just ripened and now ready for us to enjoy.

The Fallen Poet said...

@Manoj...apologies for the late reply...thanks a lot for the amazing feedback...yeah the ailment is increasing day by day...i am glad you are ready for some social service...thanks again...

@Ace should write something with this title...i would love to read...however i could not find your blogger profile...may be there is some issue with the have written an amazing representation of my thoughts i had while writing this...thanks a lot for reading...and appreciate your amazing feedback...thanks a lot...keep reading...