Monday, October 12, 2009

restlessness in my heart....

paralyzed by your memories
crippled by your thoughts
i want to return to you
but am afraid of the after effects

i dont know if you would love me again
or leave me as you left earlier
i dont know if you would adore me
of hate me for coming near

people tend to forget
i am no more than a dream to you
your dream became a nightmare to me
your's got over,
i am still living it through

earlier when we used to talk on phone
i was reluctant to say "love you" at the end
now when we talk
i refrain myself from saying "love you" again

when i used to pass by you
i was reluctant to see you through
now when i meet you in the way
i just try not to see you

times change,love changes to paranoia
emotions becomes reluctance,and feelings fall apart
the sweetest three words in the whole world
now leave a bitter taste in heart

waiting for you and hating myself
for not being worthy of your love
i forgot the things you did to me
please come back i have had enough

this restless soul
and cravings of my heart
i stopped thinking my mind
i just don't want to be apart