Tuesday, November 15, 2011

never came tomorrow...

its your birthday, i couldn't forget
after you parted but you haven't really left
you did leave an emptiness,however filled with sorrow
a day ended for a better hope but never came tomorrow....

remembering you, here sitting in the pale
tears to wash that headstone shale
you know i come here everyday,bring your favourite chocolate
so many things to talk about,so many memoirs to share everyday

i keep that grass green around your grave
i know how you like to keep your place
lillies,marigold ,roses and carnations
i plant those flowers in your bouquet

this whole valley is colored in your hue
i stretched this grass cover for you
its my heart that is your warm bed
blue is the sky ,because i am feeling blue....

i wait for you,if you aren't at home
i'll leave when you'll be back,for you like it alone
i walk bare feet to remove the thorns,
embed them in my soul,for you shouldn't know
making it smooth under your feet,
for you may take a stroll to pastures unknown..

leaving my scent may make you feel bad
so i bring over these flowers instead
i don't want you to know i was here
so i don't leave my name on the greeting note

"You may find it little later or wilted...
but remember the memories are afresh till this day,
carnations here are the moments intertwined,
lonely years make, this cascading bouquet"...

Prompt: wrote the last stanza as a birthday note on a friends greeting card...and then thought of writing something sad and heart breaking...hence the write..
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the meeting room...

       its a large space,with overhead projector
we connect our laptops,to start the blabber

guy on other side,of phone and world
shares some screens,thinking we are "experts"

everyone is listening,discussing in hush tone
me in the corner,looking outside at pouring rain

my manager is a shrewd lady of fake impressions
she is full of pride,oozing out fashion

she chews everyword,before spitting it out
we all see each other's faces..to later,cry it out aloud

everyday i think,why did i do engineering
where everyone sees a bug,i see lack of patience and persevering...

i look at people's faces,every face amazes
some are simply dozing...like me, some are gone cases

sometimes they laugh,at the stupidest joke
it looks like a laughter club,or people high on dope...

i continue looking at the windows,at the dark pouring clouds
i don't have a technical brain,ON/OFF,'0/1' or IN/OUT...

shops across the road,people stand smoking
they swear at their managers,they'll become someday hoping

they pay you big bucks,they make you pay even more
you do the same JOB everyday and go bald , a loser ,a bore

i sit in my cubicle,in seclusion,cutoff from world
putting aside my work, penning my words

Prompt: my workplace sucks......about the meetings in offices, what people really do there...job provides the living and  adds value to the company rather than our life...but again the buck stops here so have to do it like it or not
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

dusk falls over the brooding lake...

so i decide everyday,i won't drink anymore
but as the dusk falls,some instinctive calls

i sit in my balcony overseeing the lake
turbulence all it shows,continuous waves

earlier it used to be my favourite spot
moon and its reflection on water
how every wave would try to wash it away
each wash would make it brighter
shimmering on water...

earlier these coconut and palm trees wave to me
at this very spot,as i sit right in front
waving them back, with a glass in my hand
sipping my best and reading in bed

Now i like sitting on the floor
staring in the dark void of that lake
memories haunt me every moment of night
glistening with ghosts of past, my days....

i broke the glass that day
now i have a bottle in my hand
now i dont read those books,
for this burning cigarette is my friend

my mind and thoughts are occupied
whenever i smile, something inside cries
its very painful,it hurts
i sometimes sleep on with open eyes

my lips and fingers hurt,for they get burnt
by the cigarette
i have some scars on my chest
some from the scraping, by burning, the rest...

i try to get up but i can't ,for i am drunk again
i didn't want to disturb the resting souls
so i switched off my phone some day
its been days since no one came to know

people say time heals everything,
what about bad times, why does it linger on for long..
been years, since eclipse happened.....
the shadow is still there, moon doesn't shine on me

the bats have started coming to this shore
the frogs and crickets have gone mute
everyone wishes to see tomorrow
for me this hope is so moot

Now,there is so much light in the night sky
darkness has descended into the hearts
eye piercing neon road light
has spoiled the fun of brooding in dark...


Prompt: i have this place in my house where it oversees a lake and i have spent a lot of my fun filled and gloomy evenings there.....so this write is a collage of all the intense thoughts that hover around at times....

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Friday, October 28, 2011


void in the eyes,
staring in the skies
sorrow laden heart
howls and cries

detachment to life
don't want love or fame
i don't give a damn
about my existence

all seems lost
taken,broken or tossed
hiding myself from winds
in shadow of crumbling walls
waited all my life
wandering in this desert
quenching my thirst with tears
mending the cracked skin with mud

no matter how much i try
can't seem to satisfy
my aspirations and ambitions
have i taken it too high?

yes! i would like to die
but this demeaning death would defy
my struggles,my pains,my strive
for excellence,and pain stricken smile...

Prompt: written for a poetry contest with prompt "there are voids in every body's life but what if the life itself is in a void"
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

an unending night.....

dark and long,lovely night
when i crave for your sight
a feather touch,a whisper and smile
a gentle nudge, a thought so wild

mist on the grass,full moon nights
shining stars my dreamy eyes
peaking ecstasy,my imagination flies
intertwined with love,we'll attain heights

fragile my form,your strong might
together we, are meant to find
origin of love,its depth and heights
sing me the silence,off my teary eyes

your passion holding my drowsy frame
embrace me tight,whisper my name
a sweet banter fuels the flame
commit this crime,i'll bear the blame

play with me,awaken my soul
shape my heart,be my mould
model me from head to toe
to look every bit a part of your soul...

sweet nothings in my mind
sound of slapping skin in a rhyme
sweat,tears and moaning chimes
took me to solace, your love divine.....

Prompt: written for a poetry contest in category "Sensual". However, i did realise that i am not very good at writing on this theme.

Image courtesy: http://tennyo-night-elf.deviantart.com/art/The-Unending-version-2-149881937

Thursday, October 6, 2011

the great escape...

big restaurant
with girl of my dreams
sparkling wine ,popping champagne
some brule de creme

had a gala time
till its time to be back
landed in soup
at the sight of check

suddenly i remembered
the escape routine
let me wash my hands
i am a man of hygiene

Prompt: a funny attempt at how to avoid paying the bill.....when on the first date.
**tried and tested***

Monday, August 22, 2011

struggle of life for life....

timorous soul
alive and awake
getting through life
this endless wait

when does it end?
what to achieve?
name,fame or love!!
how you perceive?

life is deranged
mind estranged
off track is the course
through coarse trails

its rough and thorny
sun beaten path
starts with a pain
ends in a wrath

kiss me good bye
wish me luck
for i may be forgotten
face down in the muck

i may be lost
in this wilderness
but remember one thing
i tried my best..

everyone wants to be a turret stone
flashy ,shiny ,well honed
but to hold the wall of this place alone
someone has to choose to be the foundation stone....
\prompt: the picture (courtesy google images)
i too want to leave a mark when i am gone....but if its not possible...i just want to make a contribution....so i should be satisfied when i am on the verge...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wish i could touch the sun....

revolving around like earth
spinning in my orbit
mere gravity holding onto 
vast emptiness,endless horizons 
battling the spatial turmoils
as others pass by like comets
bring down chaos 
with frantic attempts to bring me down
i stand everyday
wipe the sand off my face
walk onto vast stretches of sand
wishing i could reach far
free from shackles of this orbit
touch the sun

it eludes me everyday
love and success
resembling the Sun
resulting from burning desires
till it peaks to satisfaction
then burns out everything
that's the End i desire
so everyday i bring up
my staircase to reach the sky
wishing i could touch the sun

for we share same 
intense heat from inside
some say "fire in the belly"
some hunger for success
but i know we are related
me and you,for we are same mass
emanating from same source
swimming in endless space
still holding onto each other
no matter the distances
some string is still attached
for i am enlightened
by your light only
some day i'll reach you
emerge from dark,submerge in you
till that day,everyday
i wish i could touch the sun
~ the fallen poet

prompt: something depicting my dream my ambition-"meri abhilasha"

Friday, July 8, 2011


of successes and failures
now made a truce
agreed! life is fair...

blaze of the eyes
reflections of the skies
conjuring the soul
collage of truth and lies

horizon still lures
journey is incomplete
magic wand of yester years
became the walking stick...

too weak to walk
too stubborn to bow down
sand of roads,
has become the soul
coloring the hue brown...

colors are fading
distances retreading
through wandering westerlies
this life is wading....

                                                         "the fallen poet"....

Prompt:The picture....the life of a person who carries on walking through life despite failures and successes.

Image courtesy: Picture shot by an Amazing Photographer- Mr.Joshi Daniel
Please visit the link for more:  http://joshidaniel.com/2011/04/01/132/

Saturday, April 30, 2011

do you miss something you never knew.....

i know your imaginations,
perceptions with the picture above
i know you miss that thing
called "Unconditional love"

what i see is the aftermath
of being hopelessly romantic
what i see is this moment wont last
serenity and calmness would turn frantic

red is not beautiful
when its bleeding broken heart
the moment which you lived here
would tear your heart apart

you'd die to relive this moment
but these times wont return
its a picture of misery and pain
while you're watching this picture burn

love starts like a storm
takes over everything in its way
but soon it dies,with thunder and cries
and ashes wash away....

and someday then everything is lost
taking love,life and soul apart
so the moment now you cherish most
will haunt you forever till you last...

have you missed anything,
that you never knew
never miss that "love"
its never pure or true....

Prompt: well the picture was sent by one of my friends, but she wanted me to write a sad poem for such a lovely picture, i have tried to write this poem as a conversation , a frantic attempt i think....
so suggestions and criticism are welcome.....

Friday, April 22, 2011

its going to be a great sunrise...

trickle down on the leaves
the moss,the flowers,the bees
flailing mist in the woods
snow clad mountain peaks

humming birds and butterflies
vast flowerbeds to the end of the skies
stream rolling down the shoals
calming mornings, quietly nights

green pastures ,blue skies
flight of birds take me so high
a heavenly abode giving meaning to life
i think its going to be a great sunrise....

wake up and run,excell new heights
black is gone, morning looks bright
its never too late to start afresh
a new way to live shows this new sunrise....

be alone and identify
bliss in the world,your inner might
the wilderliness,the farsight
wither or wilt,but infuse new life

mother nature is god
with its power and might
to love this love ,you mortal beings
no one is to stay forever but just your memories...

so try and give some meaning to your life
and then i know it'll be a great sunrise....

Prompt: the title line is a dialogue i heard in some movie...and so the whole theme is entangled around it.....yeah its also meant to make us feel good about the world, to start afresh, and leave our memories through good deeds...because only the "name" lives after we are gone.....

Image courtesy: google images....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

its all a lie....

tearful soul yet smiling persuasion
when i fell through grace
eternal moment of dubious silence
your admittance of love
again!! my luck betrayed
ah!! that lucky bastard
got, for what i forever prayed
                                   here i am standing clueless
                                  shameless,stubborn "Gentleman"
                                   smiling through nagging pain
                                      forever hating myself
i saw in those blue eyes
the man whose love they bore
for the man i just came to know
for the man i hated most
                                  never felt so helpless
                                 embracing to ease your pain
                                  could you see into my eyes
                                   my hapless smile insane
i don't know if i hate you
or i hate myself more
for if i loved you so much
i should have known your love
                                 but same applies to you
                                 you knew i was loving you
                                  but why didn't you tell me
                                    atleast a hint,a clue
now i don't believe in love
now i hate even the thought
apathy and hatred
replaced the feelings lost

Prompt: woke up from a sad thought..
" there is nothing called love"...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the phoenix...

gone with the wind
woke up from slumber
here i am again
reeling from my cumber

past is dead,long gone
dwelling in past,you moron!!
wake up to dark,sunless day
burn yourself, kill that gray

you're a phoenix
yielding armour of god
you're blessed
just remember the thought

just be yourself
identify the true
some more hike
and you're through

Prompt: trying to recover from a dead slumber, i am not going down without a fight
"i won't vanish into the night,
i won't go without a fight"

Friday, January 7, 2011

bind me free....

naked in shower,out of breath
shivers of death,love's aftermath

i cry in the rains,so no one can see
i walk alone ,pretend i am free

shred to pieces,chopped soul
burning wet wood,smoke tears roll

every fallen leaf remind me of spring
smooth touching air ,venomous sting

leave me alone,reside within me
fall apart from me,bind me free

Picture Prompt courtsey: Google Images

Monday, January 3, 2011

i hate love because i hate pain...

remembering you, again
sitting on edge,drenched in rain
i despise thought of suicide
but i dread more living through pain

apprehensive life,contemptuos soul
unworthy emotions as feasting ghoul
day and night they eat me inside
fill that hollow with pain and loathe...

i fill my mind with joyous disguise
but cloak of dark brings in surprise
tormented thoughts of creating divide
lose life, shed inhibitions inspite

i don't want to die but i'm dead already
losing my sleep,my heart so steady
relentless in grave,engraving nails
holding onto misery,feels so heady

burn my heart,my soul,my life
throw my ashes on seashore wind
for i may find solace,peace and rest
where memories and moments intertwine...

Author Note: some random thoughts.....the picture is taken from Google Images.....
Please let me know any areas of awkwardness ....