Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wish i could touch the sun....

revolving around like earth
spinning in my orbit
mere gravity holding onto 
vast emptiness,endless horizons 
battling the spatial turmoils
as others pass by like comets
bring down chaos 
with frantic attempts to bring me down
i stand everyday
wipe the sand off my face
walk onto vast stretches of sand
wishing i could reach far
free from shackles of this orbit
touch the sun

it eludes me everyday
love and success
resembling the Sun
resulting from burning desires
till it peaks to satisfaction
then burns out everything
that's the End i desire
so everyday i bring up
my staircase to reach the sky
wishing i could touch the sun

for we share same 
intense heat from inside
some say "fire in the belly"
some hunger for success
but i know we are related
me and you,for we are same mass
emanating from same source
swimming in endless space
still holding onto each other
no matter the distances
some string is still attached
for i am enlightened
by your light only
some day i'll reach you
emerge from dark,submerge in you
till that day,everyday
i wish i could touch the sun
~ the fallen poet

prompt: something depicting my dream my ambition-"meri abhilasha"


baili said...

wow that is so beautiful the pic,the words

The Fallen Poet said...

@baili....thanks a lot for reading...and i am glad you liked the composition...

sowmya said...

wow this is great to read ...
keep writing & smiling :)

The Fallen Poet said...

@Sowmya...thanks a lot for your feedback...i really appreciate that...i am glad you liked it...

Niya said...

wow!! that was awesome... i loved it :)