Tuesday, March 30, 2010

resurrection of soul....

so you've decided
to end it all
so you've taken the step
once and for all

so this is the life
you've left for me
to leave me alone in a journey
of suffering and agony

But i tell you that
to your dismay
you can't diminish
the smoldering ray

In the great wide open
under the skies of gloom
i know things will change
Love again will bloom

the rains in the dark
would bring in spring soon
winds would hum
the love laden croon

i would meet somone
who would love me for what i am
who would give up the world
for me to be her man

it needs a mind to think
it needs a beauty to own
it needs a life to believe
it needs a heart to condone

Its always darkest
before sunrise
it just needs a look
to make love reprise