Saturday, January 28, 2012

6X3 and RIP...

divides,boundaries ,countries,whole world is in a mess,
they fight over people,they fight over lands,
religions and views,christians,muslims,jews,
hindus,persians all...
dare to raise your voice,die to see it fall...
they curb our voices,by bang of guns,
sitting lavishly in their forts ,caring for none...
they raise hell,yet rule the world...

Immortality becomes obsession,power corrupts absolute
deaf to the conscience calls,blind towards truth,
such a beautiful place,this world we live in,
i heard that gods envy us,they want us to give in,
i guess they would be happy now,we have eased their work,
we cry and kill each other,they watch it with smirk...

why so much hatred,why so much pain,
you came with closed fists,will leave with open hands,
nothing stays forever,neither power nor life,
all that we need is be better and strive..
because at the end nothing else matters,
a 6X3 of land and rest in peace forever...

lake of fire...

emerging fumes from the lake of fire,
engulfing flames of lust and desire,
mirage of finding cool of love, insight
a floating frame, wailing on the other side...

she passed by, looking right in my face,
i lost her sight, brisking my pace...
i know she looked till i took that turn
i know those teary eyes,got stuck to my yearn...

i showed courage to make a fool of mine,
you did not care, my sighs you resigned...
i still have it inside, but i don't care now,
you still make me proud, but i can not show how!?...

i see those loud colors,
and i know something is amiss,
i so want to call you at nights,
but my calls are just cold shivers...

black of night, shimmering of stars
gushes of wind,rustle of leaves...
rising mist from the surface of grass
that haunting silence,my dripping grief...

justice was done on my judgement day,
failures were carved over my undeserving fate
memories of past did not fade
my shadows just got bigger than my gait...

banished dreams...

its been days since i've had a dream,
though i keep thinking of those dreamy eyes,
i wonder what is in there,
may be in a dream i could find.....

my sleep is on the run,
its terrified with the nights,
although the nights are sleepy,
engulfing all hopes of life...

how easy it is to die,
how difficult it has become to sleep,
i can't even meet her in my dreams,
i think she dreams of me,
i wonder what she sees...

the perfect world that she belongs to,
even my dreams are banished from,
she is standing on the border line,
with the hope of resurrecting our love...

Prompt: the thought "i think she dreams of me yet i wonder what she sees..." by V.Amorphyx of Allpoetry

road to oblivion...

  making way on my bike
in a dead cold night
few passing bright moments 
those distant road lights

this black stretched strip
a road to oblivion
it runs across my life
but the journey never ends

arid,barren,silent cemetery on right
lively ,bright lights on left side
gushing wind drifts me from dead to bright
just like fate,it won't let you decide

skin from my hands has peeled off
i washed sweat,tears and blood off my face
lines from my palms are erased for good
now the route map is gone,of destined place

my hands are numb,legs are weak
i can't stop till journey is complete
this night is life,dawn is the end
I'll pass from tears to cheerful beat

Prompt: to write about the journey of life as a motorbike journey, with intense emotions and dark ,deep  despair....

my love,my muse...

i can't wait till spring
for my flowers to bloom
go through pollination
to bear the love fruit

so tonight i took
a whole new form
to experience a touch,a kiss
and a dance off some love song...

i'll try to fly tonight
keeping intact with my roots
for this sky is my lover
this earth is my muse...

Prompt: the given picture with an instruction to write something sensual....