Saturday, January 28, 2012

road to oblivion...

  making way on my bike
in a dead cold night
few passing bright moments 
those distant road lights

this black stretched strip
a road to oblivion
it runs across my life
but the journey never ends

arid,barren,silent cemetery on right
lively ,bright lights on left side
gushing wind drifts me from dead to bright
just like fate,it won't let you decide

skin from my hands has peeled off
i washed sweat,tears and blood off my face
lines from my palms are erased for good
now the route map is gone,of destined place

my hands are numb,legs are weak
i can't stop till journey is complete
this night is life,dawn is the end
I'll pass from tears to cheerful beat

Prompt: to write about the journey of life as a motorbike journey, with intense emotions and dark ,deep  despair....

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