Friday, January 8, 2010

life,love...its no more...

impossible for you to come back
my implausible efforts to move on
it seems i am stuck to a thought
always thinking of your return

walking down the same road
wondering about the future
a futile attempt to blur the vision
of us together in the old picture

i dont believe my friends anymore
they talk to me about your betrayal
i think i wasn't worthy of your love
i know you can't be that cruel

just waiting for these moments to pass
cherishing the days when we were together
sitting by the seaside from dawn till dusk
can't think of anything better

those laidback days and lying in the sun
those barbeques and the sparkling wines
just you and me in the whole world
those days were so very fine
those long drives to the unknown places
those casual walks by the sea side
that cool wind blowing into your face
sitting there till midnight

staring at the flickering stars
in the pitch black sky
your warm breath against my face
your tender kiss sets me high

all that feels as a dream now
everything you said turned out to be a lie
i believed in you more than my God
couldn't believe,those hazel eyes

these never ending rains have blown off the sun
it doesn't shine that bright these days
no more parties by the sea side
no more friends and fun ways

No more love, life no more
No one seems better than you
heart is sore with hollow inside love! a final adieu