Friday, July 16, 2010

dawn to dusk....

a relentless morning
saw you in the dream
they say it comes true
when you wish that to supreme

the dawn is breaking
but its silent as the dead
the trees, the breeze, the hills, the birds
are listening to me instead

i picked up an old book
from the junk of that old cupboard
it smells like old memories
still fresh but now dearth

the book still had that rose
which you gave me when you left
it has lost its color and smell
still leaves me bereft

that red color has turned dark
as it is a clot of my wounded heart
but that dried thorn
still tears me apart

why is love like roses
which wilts when the sun shines bright
when the winds blows with might
when its kept without light

why isn't it like thorns
the more it dries grows more strong
the fragrance of flower may die
but the piercing of thorn won't

one thing is for sure
it might be like roses
but pierces like a thorn
the more you try to hold it
the more your feelings are torn

the day is gone thinking about you
now the sun is going down
the dusk falls over the brooding hills
no one to be with around

that rose will bloom
again tonight in my dreams
i will smile with you then
but might wake up with a scream

the dried eyes and dead heart
the lost world and world apart
the yearning soul and smiling thoughts
the paranoid life about love start