Thursday, December 30, 2010

ageless old friend....

time has come to bid goodbye
as year end closing in
worn out clouds would part
a new dawn is awaiting

clock is ticking
to end this decade
till the last 12 strokes
of final hours,anxious wait

time,ageless old friend
teaches through laughs n pains
time withholding integrity 
overwhelms life's frames

old times that got over
some good,some bad
wish you all a new era
grow,prosper and be glad

Prompt: Time/New Year

PS: Due to time constraint got less time to work on this...On a request of a fellow blogger.
My new year wishes for you all.
please share your suggestions and feedback, if you think it lacks somewhere in appeal.

Monday, December 27, 2010

fragile sensuality....

art redefined,beauty unexplained
color and canvass,portrayal of dame
for some sensuality of love
for some whispering of shame

beauty lies in spirit,
acquiescence of blame
artwork of almighty,
sensuous luscious frame

voluptuous art,on oil and canvas
curvaceous beauty of fragile lovely lass
not meant for touching,perceive and admire
for feelings may stain,touch may break the glass

PROMPT: the picture above...Credit Yahoo Images..


Monday, December 20, 2010

unparalleled love....unparalleled pain....

like two sides of a river,
parallel running rails,
never meeting ends of sea,
we walked on never meeting trails

parallel worlds that exist together
of gods and humans, perfections and imperfections
two sides of a coin, assurances and hesitations
we couldn't be together amongst acceptances and rejections

we started together but travelled aloof
we held our hands ,it wasn't adorned
my soliloquy ,you engrossed in other thoughts
meeting of eyes could only see barren roads

rekindling the dead,revive to die again
reunite distant souls,stench of lingering pain
intertwined fingers,choking breath
grandeur of our love,now overwhelming bane

Thursday, December 16, 2010

my only love letter....

the only love letter i ever got
was full of apologies when you left

forget and forgive,we couldn't be together
not even a look,to leave bereft

a sorry,and all's done
you certainly did make standards of love,heft....

PROMPT: the picture above

Monday, December 13, 2010

heart,emotions n soul....

heart is glass
shatters at betrayal
emotions are ice
meltdown at disapproval
soul is silver
bows down dismal..
everything's lost
pains,misery abysmal....

PS: wrote this for a contest, the prompt was"GLASS,ICE n SILVER..."

love thy people,love thy God....

Open eyes ,open hands
a divine thought,no pretence
a cover from world,but none from god
a chance to purify,the souls flawed

love is what we seek,love is what we teach
love thy god,essence of every preach
i am here again, praying at your feet
i seek forgiveness,pardon my ill deeds

i wish thou supreme ,
endow me with strength to forgive
lend me helping hand ,
make this world a better place to live

one's guiding light....

an overwhelming heart
when can't contain
the water laden clouds
brings down the rain

when it rains
purifies skies
tears, let go inhibitions,prejudices
clearing shades from the eyes

just as rain
tears infuse,a new life
strengthen the heart
lose the burden, no despise

streams filled with life
greener pastures on this side
welcomes new dawn
new day of joyous pride

overcast is gone
sun shines bright
tears, frees from pain
One's guiding light....

view purview...

dawn over the smiling clouds
valley shrouded in dew
calls of birds ,nature rhyme
listened by few

pious morning,enthralling day
sparkling drops of dew
washed away night's dismay
painted skies blue

shrouded in mystery ,nature's mood
enshrined in green hue
a new day,a fresh start
walk to imbue the view

sky is the limit,limitless world
the end is not in view
take horizon in your stride
get engaged in your purview...

rising,above the skies

under shadow of sun
wrapping blanket of sky
smiling through easterlies
loving through bright blue eyes

forgetting miseries
falling of the lies
rekindle the joy
revoke the God inside....

songs of blue jays
tears of joy,trickling rain
no more subdued,soul of heart
heart of soul in smiling pain

poet of the fall
on advent of spring
the fallen poet
rose above to sing...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

let's be strangers again....

is it possible
to be strangers again
just as new to each other
forget all , no one to blame

let's be strangers again
let's meet with no pain
no remorse or prejudice
no broken hearts looming disdain

introduction which became
unhealing wound
relation which ended
in a broken soul
lets meet,leave all this
on a sweet note

let's be strangers again
neither i expect a favour for my heart
nor you should look at me with love
nor we should meet to end in a painful depart

let's be strangers again
let's forget all that has happened
for once it was something beautiful
lets honour that,let's be strangers again....