Sunday, April 3, 2011

its all a lie....

tearful soul yet smiling persuasion
when i fell through grace
eternal moment of dubious silence
your admittance of love
again!! my luck betrayed
ah!! that lucky bastard
got, for what i forever prayed
                                   here i am standing clueless
                                  shameless,stubborn "Gentleman"
                                   smiling through nagging pain
                                      forever hating myself
i saw in those blue eyes
the man whose love they bore
for the man i just came to know
for the man i hated most
                                  never felt so helpless
                                 embracing to ease your pain
                                  could you see into my eyes
                                   my hapless smile insane
i don't know if i hate you
or i hate myself more
for if i loved you so much
i should have known your love
                                 but same applies to you
                                 you knew i was loving you
                                  but why didn't you tell me
                                    atleast a hint,a clue
now i don't believe in love
now i hate even the thought
apathy and hatred
replaced the feelings lost

Prompt: woke up from a sad thought..
" there is nothing called love"...


Fatima said...

Nice poem based on the prompt ...must say it really was painful and sad !

Take Care

kranjini said...

Hey, it was sad yet a beautiful poem. You know, a lot of people just live life assuming the love only to realise it gone unmentioned!!! Been there, done that, felt horrible!!! Keep writing....

The Fallen Poet said...

@Fatima....thanks a lot for the read and comments...i really appreciate your feedback...i am glad you liked it...

@Kranjini...thanks a lot Ranjini...i am glad you liked it....yes its really true...but its just a part and parcel of life...its just a very common things that happens to a lot of people...
anyways....i really appreciate your comments....

Nisheeth Ranjan said...

Hiii Brother hope you are doin great :)..
Bada hi dard bhara afsaana likha hai aapne...Really a wonderful poem..

deep said...

I believe, there is no one in this world who will not be able to relate to this poem. Heart crunching, most importantly, very relate-able.

The Fallen Poet said...

@ nisheeth, dhanyawaad yaar....bahut accha laga tumne padh ke comment kia...

@ deep....thnks a lot for read and the wonderful comment...i appreciate that...

sowmya said...

how soulful it is ...
i liked it..
& ur blog looks great :)

The Fallen Poet said...

@Sowmya....thanks a lot for spending time on my blog and wonderful comments...i am glad you liked my compositions...