Tuesday, November 1, 2011

dusk falls over the brooding lake...

so i decide everyday,i won't drink anymore
but as the dusk falls,some instinctive calls

i sit in my balcony overseeing the lake
turbulence all it shows,continuous waves

earlier it used to be my favourite spot
moon and its reflection on water
how every wave would try to wash it away
each wash would make it brighter
shimmering on water...

earlier these coconut and palm trees wave to me
at this very spot,as i sit right in front
waving them back, with a glass in my hand
sipping my best and reading in bed

Now i like sitting on the floor
staring in the dark void of that lake
memories haunt me every moment of night
glistening with ghosts of past, my days....

i broke the glass that day
now i have a bottle in my hand
now i dont read those books,
for this burning cigarette is my friend

my mind and thoughts are occupied
whenever i smile, something inside cries
its very painful,it hurts
i sometimes sleep on with open eyes

my lips and fingers hurt,for they get burnt
by the cigarette
i have some scars on my chest
some from the scraping, by burning, the rest...

i try to get up but i can't ,for i am drunk again
i didn't want to disturb the resting souls
so i switched off my phone some day
its been days since no one came to know

people say time heals everything,
what about bad times, why does it linger on for long..
been years, since eclipse happened.....
the shadow is still there, moon doesn't shine on me

the bats have started coming to this shore
the frogs and crickets have gone mute
everyone wishes to see tomorrow
for me this hope is so moot

Now,there is so much light in the night sky
darkness has descended into the hearts
eye piercing neon road light
has spoiled the fun of brooding in dark...


Prompt: i have this place in my house where it oversees a lake and i have spent a lot of my fun filled and gloomy evenings there.....so this write is a collage of all the intense thoughts that hover around at times....

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Saru Singhal said...

Lucky you, you live in a beautiful place and the poem is so lovely.