Tuesday, May 25, 2010

together we belong....

you saw me dancing around
you saw me looking you down
you saw me with a girl
you saw me making fun

you saw me ignoring you
you saw me daring you
you hated me that way
you thought i was playing you

but its always not
what it seems
sometimes a broken heart
heals by convincing himself
by doing such deeds

you saw me happy and rejoiced
but it wasn't what i felt
you could only hear the heartiest laugh
you coudn't see the eyes
numb and moist

you might have decided to let it go
you might be furious and sad
but you dont know
how it feels to be heartbroken n bad

we didn't fell in love at first sight
how could hate emerge at first mistake
i might have let you down at times
just remember my feelings ,they aren't fake

if you move away now
feelings disgusted
you might regret later
at the mistake

i tried to hate you back there
but couldn't succeed
dont try to do the same
it is heartbreaking deed

give me one more chance
hate me if you find me wrong
i hate to lose you for life
just think, together we belong!!


Anonymous said...

That was a frankly joy of a piece

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree with you more

Anonymous said...

This may be this blogs greatest piece of writing on the web!!!

Anonymous said...

You couldnt be more right!!

Anonymous said...

Exceptionally well executed post...

Anonymous said...

I dont disagree with this post.

Anonymous said...

That's very significant post!

Anonymous said...

Markedly well written read.