Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what is love???

yes it was destined
it was god given
it was extraordinary
it wasn't to be forgotten

and yeah it happened
it happened and got lost
was allowed to flutter for a while
and then got tossed

brought out the joy
the overwhelming feel
it made us rise high up above
and it made me kneel

it prefixed a gentle
to the relentless rough Me
it taught the chivalry
held the mannerless spree

it showed what's it to be in shadows
in the scorching sun
it showed whats with first rains
its not only flowing waters its Almighty's plan

it showed what is the extent of happy
and what is the depth of sad
it showed whats the brightness of daybreak
whats the darkness of setting sun

it gave the vision to live for someone
told me the meaning of someone's tears
it told me living without falling in it is tough
told me parting is amongst the biggest fears

it made me smile in pain
and cry when joyous
it made me believe in destiny
and gave meaning to the prayers

i learned what is love
and what it demands
it feeds the heart,
devours the soul
and still commands


Rahul Sindal said...

Waah bhaisaab waah i liked this the most... Waise Pal bhar ke liye koi humain pyaar karle jhoota hi sahin :)

The feelings are in depth, intense and very well put forward by your Kalam

arshat.chaudhary said...

excellento! very well written..