Wednesday, May 19, 2010


after all this
that we've been through
i still find me
standing by you

feels if, i still
pursue that love,
which haunts my nights
and stay on your side
everything would be okay
everything would be alright

this dilemma has left me
confused and affright
divided my soul
blown off the guiding light

see me standing
in that lime light!!
fearing the judgement
beginning of plight
you see me bleed
you seem me cry
what callous heart?
you smile inspite!!

but this leaves me strong
brings out the might
to suffer the wounds
and face the wrath
feel the brunt and be a knight

but this dilemma
again takes over
anger gets buried
the pain gets lower

but some part of me,
say heart of me
is still at peace
to see you smile
among all that ruckus
though for a short while..


BoozyBlogger said...

Its a pretty heart-warming creation. Brings in the inner feelings out and makes others feel the same. Nice penning.

Bob said...


xyz.. said...

"Mohhabat mai buri niyat se kuch kiya nahi jaata ...kaha jaata hai unko bewafa samjha nahi jaata..."