Monday, November 29, 2010

tryst of destiny....

i was a kid ,got hurt in a play
bruised all over,cried all the way
so i thought it,my life's worst day

then in school, in my teenage
got bullied and ragged,thrown on the edge
scared everyday,so thought of those life's worst days

in my college, i failed a sem
the result was out,it was a shame
couldn't see my friends in the eye
thought of it as another bad day in life

However,everything changed
when i met you around
love at first sight
feelings profound
we had our share of love and fights
days that were great and some lonely nights
till the day of apocalypse
final judgement was drawn
i was no more your love inborn
you left me alone,felling into abyss
darkness and fear, cries and shrieks

i broke into thousand pieces
rolled down like mercury
couldn't take a shape again
hurled down in scurry

still that wasn't the worst day of my life
moment you turned me down,my life ceased to exist
i am still waiting,each breath is paying price
into the darkness,a destiny's tryst

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