Friday, August 27, 2010

angel of my love...

an angelic image
a distant mirage
searching for you
in an unending entourage...

the smell of your body
that cannabis fragrance
can't agree now
to even a moment of abstinence

burning sand of desert
chilling ice of a mountain
are the colours of your body
of that love fountain

you're the chilly wind
you're the burning flame
let me embrace the beauty of this world
that thou has hidden in this lovely dame

those burning curves
set me ablaze
burn me down
with your heat of embrace

let me take a sip
and slide down the contours
those rose petal lips
that irresistible liqueur

give me your hand
see in my eyes
let tongues collide
as a pleasent surprise

let me kiss you
and never stop
let me love you
round the clock

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your truly correct on this one!!!