Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mould of my soul...

so how do you know what you think is right?
what you perceive about all things in sight
how do you find you're being kind?
raising concerns for creating divide
division and gap between soul and mind
and chase perfection with faith that's blind

the life we choose, to have everything we need
From happiness of the world,in it lust and some greed,
To get everything we desire,
The word "deserve" we don't require!!!

conscience calls made to align the likes
soul is backbeaten ,the sincerity disliked
the soliloquy is always about gain
truth is buried and honesty disdain

we get into cocoon of false impressions
the world is ruled by all imaginations
the house or abode of our desires
is hollow building with wrong foundations

to get things right, to be heard
choose the thorn ridden passage "unturned"
its raining fire from the skies of gloom
has melted stones and landscape burned

i chose a mould for me to hide
the different humane, from what i am inside
i try to follow those who succeed
without giving a thought to, "what i need?"

but sure i can change from what i am now
for some one to hold and let me know how???
to face the world with all that might
don't fear the dead and lost, don't bow!!!

it doesn't matter if i remain unheard
i can still pave the way, unperturbed
not to follow but lead the pack
of all dead souls ,see the truth affirmed

i closed all the doors of my escape
to burn down my sheath , undone the drape
once again to mould my soul
this time to meet, my imperfect shape

i melted and moulded in so many shapes,
the search for solace and so lovely gapes,
the rekindling enigma and restoring soul,
the mould of my soul is the mould i sold..


The Team said...

Superlike :D

The Fallen Poet said...

thanks The Team :S

anu said...

lovely poems here beautiful, i shall come bk to read them for sure especially hindi i love hindi poetry a lot even more than english

Mentations said...

This has been a pleasure to read...

Anonymous said...

Pleasure as always to see you and in all poetry weave your magic...

Deepika Vasudeva said...

i m spellbound with the words u weave so beautifully... it leaves in awe...
did u try going professional?.. if not yet.. u must and i really mean it when i say this... this is amazingly amazing!

a said...

this was great! so calm yet so disturbing...impeccable portrayal of a dilemma..atleast that's what i could make out. You are blessed with the ability to express yourself so amazingly through your poetry. :)

The Fallen Poet said...

@deepika...thanks a lot...no i have no plans to go pro...because i have seen people write..and i am a novice...thanks for such a wonderful comment...i am elated....

@A..i am sorry ,i couldn't find out your blogger profile...but many thanks to you for reading and commenting...i really appreciate that...

ambiguousm said...

really?? i don't know what the problem is...

The Fallen Poet said...

@ambiguousm...i guess since you posted with a ...so i couldn't reach your profile....

kranjini said...

This is a very beautiful piece. The title is also interesting. I like the way you have structured your sentences. Keep writing.

The Fallen Poet said...

@ranjini...thanks again for reading and commenting...i appreciate that

_deepsikha_ said...

You have raised the curtain and made the inner sense of our insecurity and self-love vulnerible to the attack of our conscience and realisation through your poem.the words individually are as profound and appropriate as theye r woven together.Though its moderate in the mood/voice of expression throughout the poetry but at the last phase it has shown its Rebel look which was obviously expected.this transition is novel.Thank u.