Monday, April 5, 2010


searching for a place to
rest my soul
creating a trend to
break the mould
longing for the love
and thinking of tomorrow
desperately reaching for a hand to hold
past is passe
virgin and gold
present is beautiful
exciting and bold
future has boundless
events to unfold
but what's with life and
love behold
you keep looking for it
and its always in folds
then why to look
for something so cold
that it fails to soothe
feelings withhold
calm your life and
stop searching for love
Its a mirage
always trolled
it doesn't resides
in hearts anymore
its in the shows
and its already sold...


Mofi said...

ohhh dis poem doesn't talk bt hope!:( bt its vry practical coz love is no more selfless now.

bhavana said...

This poem speaks of aspiration, hope and also we can find a kind of deperation. Overall a good blend of all the 3.

bhavana said...

This poem speaks of hope, aspiration and longing along with a kind of desperation. Overall a blend of emotions :)