Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Enter my world
and rekindle the love
make up my life
and hold it up

heart is broken
but love persists
a look from you
and I can't resist

whenever i meet you
i don't wanna leave
we will be together
i can't believe

forget the past
and present and the future
live in the moment
live it forever

i don't care
what will happen tomorrow
i don't mind
one more sorrow

just want to walk again
along the same path
love can't withold
for fear of aftermath

kiss me to life
show me the sun
open my eyes
to a bright new world

love keeps reviving
and it fades away the past
it does betrays
but still it lasts

1 comment:

Mofi said...

:)!!!! Kites effect huh???