Thursday, April 22, 2010

its gonna hurt...forever

its gonna hurt us both
its gonna hurt till the end of the time
its gonna leave a hollow
that we can't be together in this life

how difficult it is
to understand
that we need to part
and wash away our marks from the sand

i would have to forget that smile
i would have to forget those talks
that lovely voice and giggle at times
the passion and vibes and love knocks

i would have to forget those eyes
sea green and eager to talk
that glitter sometimes sparkling with love
sometimes that uneasy gawk

i would have to forget
the loving embrace and leisurely walks
the warmth of holding the hand
the rush of blood and momentous balks

to forget the rains
we used to love
the drives to places
never saying enough

i have to forget ,wishing you birthdays
and meeting you at midnight
to see that surprising look on your face
and savour the moment for many nights

is it possible to love and forget
is it ok to wish that we shouldn't have met
is it possible to ignore everything about you
can you do this ,have you thought?

its just a moment of hatred and remorse
the love resurfaces again, ofcourse
how to uproot the budding seeds
how to close the broken doors

it gives me jitters just to think
that i have to do all this
a life time is not enough
to miss you and be missed

a moment's separation in love, feels lifetime
here it is lifetime, i am talking about
would you be able to sleep ease?
forget, being with me and be without


Anonymous said...


xyz.. said...

Would you just listen and please don't say a word, just yet,
I'd like you to think back to the very first time we met,
How you felt around me? The memories we shared,
And just remember that once upon a time, you really cared.

Now think about how we parted, and how much I cried,
But please don't speak, remember that I never ever lied,
That I told you the honest truth about why we were to split,
But now I'd like you to know that my heart broke bit by bit.

The pain was deep, unbearable and painful, for these years,
I'll never forget all the sadness, all the uncontrollable tears,
Slowly I am rebuilding my life, I am content with what I've got,
And although it is hard I am beginning to forget what I have not.

You were a special part of my life that I will never forget,
A part of my life that took away my heart, but that I don't regret,
You gave me some happy memories that I'll keep in my heart,
Although sometimes I wish that you and I didn't have to part.

You were my first love and my true love, that will always be so,
After all of the heartache, sadness and never ending pain, I know,
You and I had something special and that will never change,
Because I love you and loving someone else will always seem strange.

Would you just listen and please don't say a word, not ever,
I'd like you to remember that once upon a time, we said forever,
That I had hopes and dreams, that I was the one who threw them away,
And this is something I will always regret until my dying day...

Anonymous said...

good one..made me remembered of something...