Saturday, October 2, 2010

story of night...

did you hear the silence,
shrieks and cries
like a moth tries
embraces the flame and dies

the distant dream
distinct faces
lost in those skies
underlined traces

divinity defined
refined graces
inseparable insecurity
undermined cases

missed the chance
to survive and prosper
creating divide
to die and disappear

unulfilled promises
unfinished business
impending vows
sorrowful richness

dusk falls over the brooding hills
nowhere to go
distant flickering lights
moving to and fro

darkness embraces
leads the world to dismay
thousand thoughts
and wishes to pray

heart is like a predator
which hunts its host
dwells in the deep
the memories ghosts

past flashes
blinds the present
imbibed pain
glows with crescent

a howling beast
in the wilderness
resembles the cries
of dark dead love priestess

who got thrown
away from the heavens
now seeks forgiveness
to be partaken

wish to die
but its under the curse
filled with remorse

take me with you
to the other dimension
would love to live together
can't bear this pain of separation


a said...

it's beautiful!! Great use of the abcb rhyming scheme. i loved it :)

The Fallen Poet said...

thanks again for the lovely comment...i deliberately didn't try to use the abcd just m glad....thanks for reading...i appreciate your views...