Saturday, October 23, 2010

drawn out of pack of life....

here i am, bowed down
standing in dark,like a clown

how i fell down from grace
slowly turned to jack, from being ace

how you played me
the bluff of love game
and i kept losing
for sake of its name

thought i owned you
left myself in your hands
you played me at your will
lost at every chance

like a true player
you showed no mercy
the bets kept drawing
adding to my misery

you shuffled my feelings
a show of my faces
you shared my moments
fallen all over places

now you're my master
master of my fate
i lost being a jack
you played like an ace


Rahul Shrivastava said...

sahi hai bhai.....after all zindagi n pyar to ek jua hai....n tu satte baaz ;)...waise tune en sari lines me..apni feelings k sare paate khol k rakh diye hai.. :)

Mentations said...

This is one of those very straight-from-the-heart kind of has so many hues....this poem catches hold of one of is sad and dark, and yet the emotions spilled and the effect is well donoutstanding as it reads very well. Well done..