Tuesday, September 29, 2009

girl like you!

hairs flowing from head to shoulder
blue eyes with depth of sea
i saw you walking down my heart
oh my God! this is all i see

Winds careressing long locks
rains washing that lovely face
would i ever get a chance to touch you?
a chance ever to change my fate

when you walk past me
my heart gets swayed towards you
when you walk towards me
my heart sinks in the blue

hands shiver at your touch
a cold runs through my spine
eyes looking deep into my eyes
every heart beat says you are mine

Darling! let those hairs flow
don't tie them with my heart
the way you entangle them and tuck behind your ear
i go crazy, this is thou's most b'ful piece of art

when you stretch your arms
those curves set me ablaze
desire to embrace you sparks
your body seems to be the burning flame

YOu don't know how b'ful you are
you don't know even Gods desire you
your innocence brings me down on my knees
world seems to be colored in your hue

your cannabis fragrance gets me high
your touch sets my spirit free
your kiss blows up my heart
your love lifts me upto thee

i want to be your charming prince
i want to sweep you off your feet
i want you to walk into my life
i want you this love to be complete

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