Tuesday, September 1, 2009

before you leave me..

remember those days
when it snowed for a week
skies were dark
and lights were bleak

we were sitting together
in front of the fire
wrapped in a blanket
with burning desires

cold hands and cold feet
pounding hearts desperate to meet

meeting of eyes then trying to evade
touching of hands and feelings persuade

the falling in love
and flowing down the slide
closing of eyes
and tongues collide

warm breath and moist hands
making of love to never pretend

kissing the neck
and whispering in ears
hiding in me and
caressing my hair

emotions burst alongwith tears
found solace ,shed all fears

that was the night of Godly trance
souls met and bodies dance

till the day when you had to go
overwhleming hearts and souls hollow

eyes withered no tears to shed
which was this place, where love lead

but before you leave me
i must say
i would wait
till this life stay

before you leave me
let me say
i would love you
till this heart sway

times come and times go
no one can slow down this flow
stop and turn and see me once
down the lane where memories grow

before you leave me
just stop and turn
i'll close my eyes forever
seeing your face is my last yearn


Mofi said...

Nice!! romantic stuff!! :)

Anonymous said...

You can feel the emotions in the words. Good work !!

Anika said...

What would I do if you leave?
I'd miss you, I believe
That's what I'd do if you leave
Emotions are kept under my sleeve
So my prayers to you I'd give

Please stay a bit longer
For I may see you again never
And you leaving isn't for the better
Surely I'd miss you sooner or later

Everyday I miss you more and more
It makes my heart feel so sore
Thinking of the way things were,
I'd like to go back
to the times we had before....