Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You've become my obsession...

when i am alone
i think of me with you
when i am in crowd
my eyes search for you

when i breathe
i smell your fragrance
when i sleep
i dream of our romance
when i wake up
i want to be admired by you
when i dress up
i want to be desired by you

when i go out
i make plans to bump in you
when i come home
i pray to make them through

when i meet you
i want to stay forever
the moment when you leave
i dont wan't that ever

i see you and
i want to see you more
i love you and
my heart is feeling sore

a thousand things
i want to say to you
but even million words are less
to say , my heart is feeling blue

you are embossed on my heart
like a tatoo
you are carved on my heart
like a scar
i have your impressions on my body
my soul's the sand,
with your foot marks

i am the living example of your memoirs
i am the song ,the song our heart's choir

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