Tuesday, September 15, 2009


its ok that i am heartbroken
its ok that i am alone
its ok that love left your heart
its ok that it turned to stone

its ok that pieces of my heart
every night slither my eyes and soul
its ok i have hollow in my chest
its ok that my body has taken toll

its ok that my dreams shattered
its ok that my nights deprived of sleep
its ok that my sun never rose
its ok that my sunshine is bleak

its ok that my part of sky
is blood red with clouds of doom
its ok that my starry nights
are filled with tears of gloom

its ok that the roads are empty
filled with the fallen autumn leaves
swaying away are the dry winds
falling with me the hollowed trees

its ok that the house is deserted
its ok that the eyes withered
its ok that i am waiting forever
horizon has melted and sand is dispersed

its ok i couldn't keep up with world
its ok that i am left alone
its ok you are ahead in race,
facing the judgement i am on my own

its ok you have changed
its ok you forgot bygone
its ok you rose to the occasion
its ok you held someone

its ok that i am lonely
in the eve of my life
its ok that, now i can't stand,
walked whole life on the edge of knife

its ok that i dont have a hand to hold
its ok that i dont have anyone to see
the light of life is caged in the body
the bird inside is craving to flee

i am still happy
i am still delighted
i have spent my life remembering you
your memories have kept me lighted

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