Monday, August 31, 2009

love left us

Those were the days
we remained in embrace
those were the days
of love at every place

those were the days
when you were around
those were the days
our love was reknowned

cant forget the time
you kissed me for the first time
heart left me and blew away
i was singing with chimes

that time of life
when you became my obsession
the exctasy of heart
when i was your possession

Now this heart wanders alone
love left me since you are gone
Now my heart does'nt beats
i left my soul in my clone

Now the seasons dont bother me
because its autumn always
heart forgot to bloom
gone were the days

Whenever i breathe
something pokes me in the heart
but a ray of hope
still shimmers apart

the gloomy clouds circling
all above my life
heart bleeds with pain
like its cut with a knife

i am waiting till this journey ends
If i am gone i will wait in the sands


Anks said...

it's good..
just a suggestion...using words to rhyme is good...but it is okay if they are not rhyming...instead try to choose words that are more relevant...

Anika said...

My heart is but a mere vessel,
tossing about helplessly
in this sea of loneliness.

I long for the winds of your love
to guide me back to the shore,
back to your heart...