Wednesday, August 26, 2009

an incomplete love...

The day we met;
I just can't forget.

The first 'Hi'!
When you were passing by.

I can't forget;
The day we met.

So many questions in your blue eyes.
So many queries in my heart's depth.
A pretty smile on your face.
And every answer given, nothing's left.

That day I believed in love at first sight,
As I couldn't sleep that night.

I decided that I'll hold your hand,
But it was a different feeling at your end.
I thought of you at all the time.
But you thought we are just friends.

I said those words to you,
And you left without saying anything.
It was the longest wait I ever had for a reply.
I couldn't sleep, my eyes didn’t blink.

You replied something, to my fears,
That we can't be lovers but just peers,
I couldn't listen to anything else,
You broke my heart, left me in tears.

Still you wanted me to be your friend.
But I just could not understand.

You don't understand that love never die.
It’s difficult to forget.
And you were my first love.
And there was nothing I could get.

We parted and you left.
I tried but could not turn my love to hate!
I too just couldn't do anything
and left everything to fate.

I tried to get you again and again.
But every time you were the same.
I truly love you my love!
Believe me once in God's name.

Sometimes when you make me feel really bad.
I'll play a song in a loop and cry.
It was a waste of time and it won’t seem important
The next time when I see u smile.

I still admire you, and I still love you.
But you seem to have gone far.
Now you have a love in your life,
and I am still the lonely star.

Your presence is felt always in my thoughts and deeds.
Only you are the one whom I need.

I would be there, whenever you return
And I won't disappoint you, if that's my turn.


Anika said...

Why does it have to hurt inside?
Why do I have to cry each night?
I think I have to walk on by...
Cuz I'm starting to lose my sight...

I start to think about all we had
And how it turned this way...
I guess I'll have to leave your side,
And turn my face away...

Although my soul will die...
Although my heart will cry...
I've got nothing else to do,
I'm hurt deep inside

But although I'll leave your side,
You'll be always on my mind...
My heart and soul will ache for you,
Every day and every night...

You're my never-ending love,
The love that keeps me alive...
You're the one I'll love forever,
Although it hurts inside...

Anks said...

this one is a good pen...
i will suggest to revisit it's paragraphs and re order them a bit ;)
and try to bring in a flow...
i know it's not easy will take some time...
but all together..this is the best one's i have read from u so far..
keep writing

Anonymous said...

Really Nice.U cant forget your love, But you have to move on...keep writing...