Wednesday, August 26, 2009

life without you....

with you i feel life
and joy that's rife
love oozes out with every feel
you transform to my God
your love makes me kneel

you eyes give me a glance
sets my heart beats in a trance
wind that blows your hairs
touch your face
and whispers in my ears

you are an ocean of love,
a sea of lust
a lake of faith
a bond of trust

i miss you my darling
i miss the taste of your kiss
i miss the feather touch
i miss the moments of bliss

i miss those blue eyes
i miss those pouty lips
i miss those long hairs
arms which held me in those cosy grips

without you ,am alone
dejected and lost, in my own
Life brought to a point
where love is far and
emotions are prone

counting my days to see you again
cant stop dreaming about you again
cant wait to see love began

1 comment:

Anks said...

short and sweet...
again will like to share suggestion...
try to get words that mean more then rhyme more ;)