Friday, August 28, 2009

wish those times stay

the times when
we are together
those times seems
to not last forever

we don't seem
to understand
the importance of time
when our souls blend

we sit together
and not say a word
holding hands and
stare, till eyes withered

making fun of
watever you do
ending the bicker
with i love you

making you jealous
with delusive flirts
feel the same
and know it hurts

thinking thousand things
to talk to you
mind fails to respond
when heart is with you

moments we cherish
throughout out life
it pains a lot
when love aint alive

the importance is only known
when you are gone
feeling the dusk
and i am alone

world reminds of you
cant forget you even in dreams
think of going apart
and i wake up with scream

this is my life
after you're gone
love bequethed
and i am alone

time when you were in my nights
you were in my days
we were in love
hope the time would've stayed


Anika said...

I don't know how many sweet words I have conjured into your mind,
But, tell me, do you remember them all?
Relentless of what you do everyday.

Do all the words remain intact within your mind?
Does it please you when you are unpleased?
And does it intrigue you when you are unreleaved?
I don't know how many words I have conspired within a given line,
But, tell me, have you learned them all?
Regardless of what is written,
Do all the words rhyme within the given line?
Does it inform you when you are uninformed?

And does it excite you when you are forlorned?
I don't know how many words
I have said that I can say is mine,
But, tell me, have you heard them all?

Needless of all that have been said,
Do all the words I bestow upon you signal some sort of sign?
Does it merry you when you are sad?
And does it lecture you when you are bad?
I don't know about others but I think we are just fine,
But, tell me, have you told them all?
Heedless of what we do,
Do you know that I am happy just because you are mine?

Does it delight you that my love belong to only you?
And does it move you that my love for you is forever true?

Anks said...

this one is real good :)
i loved reading through it