Monday, October 12, 2009

restlessness in my heart....

paralyzed by your memories
crippled by your thoughts
i want to return to you
but am afraid of the after effects

i dont know if you would love me again
or leave me as you left earlier
i dont know if you would adore me
of hate me for coming near

people tend to forget
i am no more than a dream to you
your dream became a nightmare to me
your's got over,
i am still living it through

earlier when we used to talk on phone
i was reluctant to say "love you" at the end
now when we talk
i refrain myself from saying "love you" again

when i used to pass by you
i was reluctant to see you through
now when i meet you in the way
i just try not to see you

times change,love changes to paranoia
emotions becomes reluctance,and feelings fall apart
the sweetest three words in the whole world
now leave a bitter taste in heart

waiting for you and hating myself
for not being worthy of your love
i forgot the things you did to me
please come back i have had enough

this restless soul
and cravings of my heart
i stopped thinking my mind
i just don't want to be apart

1 comment:

xyz.. said...

You have met me before
Once upon our dreams
Everything was perfect
But nothing is what it seems

I pass you in the halls
And yet you never seem to care
I see you everyday
And you don't return my stare

Eyes are the window of the soul
Why is it that you can never see me?
My eyes are locked on you, my heart is yours
Because you hold the key

My empty heart yearns
For what I have never had
Two strong arms protecting me
Because I am so very sad

I wish I could talk to you
But when I begin to speak
I never have the courage
Because my heart is very weak

My tears will never cease
Because I know that you will never care
Who I am or what I do
This kind of love is rare

This is a one way street
A street which I can never cross
I can see you on the other side
But my heart is at a loss

You are like a drug
I have an addiction
I say to myself that I will quit you
But that is a contradiction

My dreams are as clear
As a blue summer sky
You and I are hand in hand
I cannot let this fantasy pass me by

All I want is to talk to you
For you to return my smile
It will make such a difference
It will be worth your while

We may come from different places
But in my heart I know we are the same
There are so many obstacles --
You don't even ever blame....