Monday, November 2, 2009

just let it go....

why do i remember you
why don't i just let go
why don't you forget me
why did u give me a call

Have no regrets in life except you
nothing much is left though
the pain, that you left me
why don't i just let go

i can't forget you
and trying not to miss you yet
i might have broken
but my heart is still intact

why do you ask me to get along
for i have no faith in promises that turn wrong
still why do i keep falling for them
why do i still hum that song

why does it keep coming
that with you i belong
why do i regret that
together we didn't last long

my heart has sunk
in a sea of despair
i am burning in the waters
of tears and flare

why dont i let you go
wake up and end this pain
this dream doesn't seem to end
though life might end with your disdain

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