Tuesday, November 10, 2009

yes! it hurts...

i look back to my life
it looks hollow and incomplete
even the feats that i have achieved

doesn't make a difference,
those big strides
i want to get away,distant across the sky
holding your hand,flying by my side

remember the good times
we've had
don't let those moments fade
a thing in past ,that wasn't bad

you know how much i love you
you don't know how it feels
these wounds hurt too much
too much that time could heal

too much pain that one could bear
too much disappointment one could see
that heart cries in such despair
but no one else could hear

its fu**ed up here
its a total mess
life doesnt seem to get better
its getting bad and less

no matter how bad it gets
no matter how i fare
just the matter of life and death
never been much of a dare

its all over that i know
and i know its not! instead
atleast remember me once in life
that isn't too much that i need

so hold me now and touch me now
and whisper those three words
you know i love you so much
that it hurts

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