Tuesday, November 17, 2009

never ending wait.....

Staying alive staying awake
can't take anymore this endless wait
waiting for you to make a comeback
picking my dreams for love's sake

incomplete feelings so are the words
lips seamed even after heart break

Shared dreams and sharing life
so little time so much to make
will die without you whenever you said
sound immature but not fake

can't spend the night alone
across this desert,alone can't make
Days doesn't seem to end at all
keeps on rising like a tidal wave

sometimes miss those starry nights
sleeping in embrace yet awake
lying in your lap with closed eyes
in my hairs, your fingers rake

it burns like a wet wood
smoke filled breath and eyes hate
And i miss you
like a desert miss the rain
want to kiss you and make it up
come back to me before its too late


xyz.. said...

I tried to not think of you.
I tried to not talk about you.
I tried to not look at you.
I tried to insult you.
I tried to hurt you.
I tried to hide from you.
I tried to love someone else.

But still . . .

I can't forget our strange memories.
I can't forget your sweet voice.
I can't forget your unique appearance.
I can't not feel bad that I offended you.
I can't not feel awful that I hurt you.
I can't avoid you.
I can't love anyone else the way I love you.

I tried but I can't forget you...

xyz.. said...

Birthday poem.....? :(